White-o-Coccoli Bamboo Personalized Spoons #Canadian

I am so excited to have found this Canadian Company – White-O-Coccoli. They sell the cutest bamboo spoons that are personalized for each person. They are small, light and would make absolutely perfect stocking stuffers!

The owner of this company had a goal to make a product that was both eco-friendly and human friendly.

The story behind the name is cute. The name White-o-Coccoli was picked out by the owner’s daughter! When she was just about 2 yrs old her Dad was cooking dinner. Their daughter stood on a chair beside the counter watching him chop up all the veggies. As he grabbed each veggie he would ask her what it was called. She got them all right until they got to the cauliflower (which was right after the broccoli). She stopped and just looked at it for about a minute, then blurted out “White-o-Coccoli!”. What an adorable name for Cauliflower AND for a company that sells spoons for eating.

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  1. Fan R. says:

    What a cute naming White-o-Coccoli, kids are really creative.

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