Rubbermaid Filter Fresh Water Bottle

Our tap water has a very distinct taste. My daughter refuses to drink tap water. Instead, we fill up large glass water bottles at our local Reverse Osmosis water store and she drinks water from a water cooler.

Recently we were sent a Rubbermaid FilterFresh Water Filtration Bottle to sample. It is a 20 oz plastic BPA FREE water bottle. The Filter removes chlorine and provides the equivalent of 300 bottles of water.

I enjoy the water from this water bottle, but the most wonderful part is that so does my daughter. It is easy for her to drink out of and it is easy for her to close which means no more leaks in her school backpack, yay!

To use the water bottle, you simply open the wide mouthed lid, fill it with water and screw the lid back on. The filter does its magic as you drink the water. I like how easy it is to screw on the top and I also love the “finger loop” that allows for easy carrying.

In order to get a decent flow of water out of the bottle, you do need to give the bottle a wee squeeze while you drink, but that does not take away from the fact that the bottle is still very easy to use.

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