Earth’s Berries – an Eco Friendly way to clean your clothing! (GIVEAWAY)

We have mentioned Earth’s Berries before on here and they are so amazing that we want to mention them again, and again, and again!

Earth’s Berries or Soap Nuts “aren’t technically nuts. They’re fruit, taken from the soapberry tree (Sapindus mukorrosi). In appearance, they’re similar to the lychee nut, yet they’re not grown for consumption. Thanks to their high concentration of foaming “saponin,” soap nuts are used throughout the world as cleaning agents.” (taken directly from

I bought two 1 kg bags of Soap Nuts back in April (you get free shipping for orders $60+) and I am just over half way finished my FIRST bag! I can truly see myself spending $60 on laundry detergent for two whole years AND not having any plastic to recycle or chemicals going into the water or on our clothing.

To learn more about WHY you should use Soap Nuts, go here and go here for some FAQ’s.

Soap nuts are:

  • an Eco-friendly detergent
  • Economical
  • leave No residue
  • an Odour neutralizer
  • Easy to Use
  • can be used for general cleaning

When I first heard about Soap Nuts, I was intrigued. Then, I was completely skeptical. But now that I’ve used them for 7 months, I’m sold! They truly do get our clothing clean and I feel SO good about using them! If you want to be Eco Friendly and you like the idea of spending only $30 on laundry detergent per year, give Soap Nuts a try! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts has been kind enough to offer you, my dear readers, 10% off your purchase of Soap Nuts by using DISCOUNT CODE: EB102 at checkout.

If you’d like a chance to win a 1 kg bag of Soap Nuts, please feel free to enter my giveaway!

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  1. Lisa P says:

    I’ve been looking for blogs with awesome Canadian giveaways (or at least open to Canada) and so I have you in my favourites… and I would LOVE to try Earth’s berries, they sound awesome! If I like them, I would definitely not use anything else – I hate the chemicals and the plastic that come with regular detergents!

  2. barthanar says:

    I’m always looking for healthier items for all aspects of my life. this looks interesting

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  10. Lisa Pozin says:

    I got an email and just inquired about carrying soap nuts at Giving Gifts – – I’ve been thinking about carrying soap nuts for awhile and your blog entry convinced me. I’m hoping you’ll see them at Giving Gifts soon.

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