Organizing Wish Lists for Christmas

Last night, I spent over an hour in our basement sorting through the large plastic bins where I store future gifts for our children. You see, my husband and I don’t enjoy doing anything last minute and that includes Christmas shopping. We tackle it as a year long mission, collecting things as we see them.

The only problem with this tactic is that throughout the year, new toys come out that the children oogle at AND sometimes their wish list changes.

This year, one of the hottest toys marketed towards girls (although to be honest, I wish it was promoted as a toy instead of gender specific – my son would love one too) are Fijit friends.

Fijit Friends

These wee creatures are interactive and smart. They can recognize 30 keywords and responds with over 150 phrases. They dance and keep the beat to a variety of music and they look like just plain old fun.

My daughter is right in the age range for these toys. I wonder if we will decide to get her one? We aren’t getting her a pet, despite her requests, so maybe a Fijit will have to be her pet this year, they seem more interactive than some real pets!

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