Join Rick Mercer, TV Celebrity, in Honoring Canada’s Veterans Tomorrow

This post has been written By Jennifer Schnare, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

News for all you caring people at Multi-Testing Mommy! Rick Mercer — comedian, television writer and Gemini Award winner — has lent his support to our Operation Raise a Flag campaign by urging Canadians to get involved. Watch Mercer’s special video message at

The response to his call has been tremendous. The Sunnybrook Veteran Centre has sold over 1,100 flags to honor vets tomorrow on Remembrance Day 11-11-11, raising more than $35,000.

Starting in the early hours of November 11 (tomorrow!), the front lawn of the Hospital’s Veterans Centre, which is the largest in the country, will be covered in a sea of red and white flags that will offer tributes to Canada’s war heroes. The vets will be able to see this inspiring display of appreciation through their hospital room windows.

It’s not too late to buy a flag and show you’re support! It will be imprinted with a personalized message of thanks and remembrance.

We’re getting calls every day from college students writing papers to the local Boy Scouts who want to buy flags and donate time, and from Dutch Radio to Rogers Television. There’s also a lot of interest from media outlets and here’s one favorite from the Toronto Sun. We’re thankful!

Here’s why it’s important, in the words of Barry McLellan, President and CEO at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre:

“With this campaign, we hope to reach 1,000’s of Canadians of all ages, from young children to older adults. Canadians owe a great deal to our war Veterans who are the foundation of this great country that we all share. The average age of our Second World War and Korean War veterans is 90 and this campaign will be an incredible way to give them a lasting memory.”

Where will the proceeds from the campaign go? To the Veterans Comfort Fund at the Sunnybrook Veterans Centre. Veteran residents can then acquire innovative equipment and computers, go on community outings, engage in continued learning opportunities, play musical instruments, and be able to grant a wish. Each flag contributes to fun and important things that improve their lives!

Flags are available in two sizes for a $20 or $50 donation. Take part in Operation Raise a Flag at The goal is to sell 5,000 flags!

Please share with your friends on social media! Our goal is to raise $10,000 more by the end of tomorrow. The support will enliven the veterans’ lives in the centre.

Bio and contact info: Jennifer Schnare is a Director with Sunnybrook Foundation. She is passionate about helping veterans have better lives. For more information, contact Jennifer at or 416-480-4937.

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