Hardwood Floors vs Carpet

When my husband and I were looking for our first home, many of the houses that we looked at clearly had young children. We could tell this by the decor of the bedrooms, the toys and the messes. Knowing that we were eventually planning on having children, it was important to me that we had as little broadloom as possible in our house because I knew that having hardwood floors were easier to clean (and as an added bonus, they look good too).

I knew that we didn’t have a lot of disposible income and if we did purchase a house that had dirty carpets or if we wanted to have hardwood floors installed, we would need to look into inexpensive options like wholesale flooring.

Luckily, the house that we settled with has hardwood throughout the main floor and ironically enough, we purchased a large throw rug for the family room because we found the hardwood to be too “hard” for our babies.

Our second floor is all carpeted with the exception of the washrooms. The carpet is a beige/gray in colour and it does show stains rather easily. When thinking about other options for our second floor, I consulted HGTV’s Flooring Guide for suggestions. They also have a wonderful Carpet Care Guide which is something I definitely will be reading.

I’m not sure what type of flooring I would choose for our second floor if I were to make some home improvements to our current situation. I love the looks of hardwood floors, but I also love the feeling of carpet underneath my feet. I find carpet to have more of a warm and cozy feeling, which is an important feeling to have in a bedroom.

If I were to change the type of carpet we have, I would definitely consider going with something that could handle high traffic without looking worn down. I would also choose something with a texture or pattern to it in order to hide spills and messes. Purchasing a top quality and thick under pad is absolutely key to comfort. This is definitely something that I have learned about carpets. We do have a good under pad currently and I can tell!

So the debate is, would you go for carpets or hardwood in your bedrooms? What do you prefer and why?

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One Response to Hardwood Floors vs Carpet

  1. Ms. Key says:

    I love hardwood too, but I definitely prefer carpet in the bedroom. On cool mornings, I prefer the feel of carpet under my feet. There’s more coziness, or something! haha. I suppose a rug beside the bed might do the trick… but I don’t know!

    I definitely like hardwood everywhere else in the house though. So much easier to keep clean!!

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