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Last Wednesday, November 9th 2011, @diduknowcanada and I co-hosted a Twitter Party. It was a huge success and one of our sponsors even started up an online Pampered Chef Party where proceeds will be donated to the CHILDREN’S MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION due to an interest in an “online Pampered Chef Party”.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and to everyone that participated in the party!

Here are some of the AMAZING baking tips that came out during the Twitter Party.

@ASKMamaMoe suggested that putting layers of waxed paper in between cookies keep the cookies moist

@ADomesticMama gave us a tip to line cookie tins with parchment paper and to put parchment paper in between cookie layers

@rlee1950 stores baking in ZipLock containers which make for good gift giving by adding a bow

@sleegsskees tends to pack things in smaller batches so that she only thaws what she knows will be eaten that day/night

@lesleykb suggests to cut cakes in half or slices before freezing…easier to grab a slice or two

@onsgear puts the date on everything after packaging

@TalkingMomcents wraps her whole containers in saran to keep the baking fresh

@SFBblog to soften brown sugar she puts it in a bowl with a damp paper towel on top and heats it for 30 secs, then continue heating until soft

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful tips! Do you have any tips that you can share in the comments below?! We’d LOVE to hear them.

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