Potty Training: Finally Diaper Free Post #2 (#FDF)

This post is part of #FDF (Finally Diaper Free), an event all about Potty Training co-hosted by The Knit Wit.

Finally Diaper Free

You may want to start at the beginning of our Potty Training Adventure with Post #1.

Our Potty Training Adventure started 2 1/2 weeks ago on Monday August 29th.

Day 1:
My little guy was so ready to start this adventure, this was shown by the fact that he only had ONE pee accident all day long and he was eager to wear his underpants during nap time! He had 1 poop accident too, but that was to be expected. And so the laundry begins.

He held his pee in all afternoon and when he went to bed at night, he called me 5 minutes later announcing that he had to go! He knew that if he continued to go pee in the potty that he could wear his new underpants the next day so he wanted to prove to me that he could do it.

A few things that I’ve been reminded of during this journey are:

  • Children are smarter than we give them credit for.
  • You can never have enough spare cloths lying around.
  • Children are stubborn little creatures.

Day 2:
I asked him if he wanted to wear underpants when he woke up, he said yes. I said we had to go pee on the potty first and he started to freak out. I simply replied “Well then I guess you have to wear a diaper” and he replied, “Ok Mommy, I guess I’ll try”. He went pee on the potty. He then lifted up the mini potty (from Ikea) and spilled the pee all over the bathroom right up against the baseboard – note to self – put a water proof mat underneath the potty.

What possessed me to take him out of the house on errands on DAY 2 is beyond me. Of course the day we go to the mall is the day that the women’s washroom is closed leaving all women to line up for the TWO family washrooms that have little potties in them! I was shocked by how many people just didn’t pay attention or care that I had a little boy who was on DAY 2 in potty training and that he had to go pee badly. We had to wait in the entire line up just like everyone else. Note to self – if I ever hear a Mom praising her little one for holding their pee in or if I ever hear a Mom commenting that their child is potty training – LET THEM GO AHEAD OF ME!

We learned that the iPhone App “iPotty” by Huggies is a miracle worker! Not only did it keep my son sitting on the potty long enough to actually go pee, but it provided him with enough incentive to want to keep trying!

Along with using Smarities for rewards every time he peed on the potty, (he got one Smartie) I also asked him what he would want if he stayed dry all day long. His answer: He wanted to go to McDonalds with the family, eat a meal and play in their Play Place. I thought that agreeing to this incentive would help him. Unfortunately it didn’t, but I will keep my word!

Day 3:
After one more pee spill out of the mini-potty (it is very light and it sticks to him when he tries to stand up) we’ve now moved the potty to the bathtub which my son thinks is fun! He has a mat for his feet and this way, if there is a spill, it simply goes down the tub train! Brilliant idea if I don’t say so myself!

Day 4:
Three poop accidents today. For the third one, he claimed that he tried to call me before it came, but I’m not convinced.

Hubby arrived home with a bag full of dinky cars to give him when he poops on the potty (1 car for 1 poop visit). We’ll see if this works tomorrow!

He stayed dry all morning long; even while grocery shopping! He is still digging his heals in and putting up a fight every time I suggest that it is time to try sitting on the potty, but if I stand my ground and say that he will have to put on a diaper, he gives in very willingly. I think he’s just trying to see who is in control here because I am so sure that he is ready for this!

He did have one pee accident today while he was talking on the phone, he probably just wasn’t paying attention.

Day 5:
He refused to put on underpants first thing in the morning. He said that he wants to be a little boy instead of a big boy. After calling Daddy and then just ignoring him for 5 minutes he responded “Ok, fiiine. I’ll wear underpants.” Then he went pee on the potty!
We went to the park; he stayed dry.
Daddy came home from work; he had two pee accidents.
He pooed twice in his underpants today! This is going to be a long road ahead.

Well, those are my first five days of having a son who is “Diaper Free”. Some would say that he isn’t ready, but you’ll be surprised how this story ends! Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Shairbearg says:

    Can’t wait for more!! LOL I love the potty in the tub idea. We used the potty seat on the toilet.

  2. Our potty training adventure is going to start soon! It’s great to read what others have done!

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