Finally Diaper Free Giveaway Roundup

Our Finally Diaper Free Event is coming to a close with one more day left!

Finally Diaper Free

I am happy to report that my son is wearing underpants instead of diapers 95% of the time now. He is staying dry almost 100% during the day, with the odd accident. We are still working on #2, but at least now he is aware that it is coming and he asks for a diaper.

Potty Training is a process. For some it is a short time of transition and for others it takes a little bit longer. Every child is different and that is something, as parents, it is very important to remember. What works well for one child may not work at all for another.

The key to success is consistency and patience!

We have quite a few incredible giveaways that end tomorrow. If you haven’t already entered them, go ahead right now:

While our Finally Diaper Free Event may be complete, our Potty Training Adventures still continue!

Stay tuned for the occasional update.

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