Beco Potty – an environmentally friendly potty!

This giveaway is part of #FDF (Finally Diaper Free), an event all about Potty Training co-hosted by The Knit Wit.

Finally Diaper Free

Finally – an environmentally friendly potty for potty training kids!
The BecoPotty.


Beco Potty – the Environmentally Friendly Potty

These amazing potties are made from waste plant material and once placed in the ground will begin biodegrading! What a genius invention! We use little potties for such a short period of time – I feel so good about what this potty is made of and how you can plant it in your garden! What a great ceremony to celebrate the “end” of the potty training period in one’s life – plant your potty in the garden!

The BecoPotty has a high back for comfort and a splash guard in the front (an absolute must for little boys, I’ve learned!).

A Becopotty starts life as bamboo waste and rice husks, which are leftover materials from farming. They take these natural plant fibres and grind them into a fine powder. By adding a biodegradable resin and pressing the powder in a hot mould a Becopotty is born. Fascinating!

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17 Responses to Beco Potty – an environmentally friendly potty!

  1. Let’s see–about $15 I think! 🙂
    sophieandmomma at gmail dot com

  2. Olivia L says:

    I suspect this is the wrong question for this giveaway, but I’d save about $10-$15. About the Beco Potty though, this is a fabulous idea, and I could see making the “planting” of the potty a neat little ritual of passage with your child when they graduate to the big toilet.

  3. Alison says:

    I want to try cloth diapering. This would help big time in being more environmentally-friendly. Plus, the diapers are so cute!

  4. Jen M says:

    Let your kids be without diapers! I put my newborn on a waterproof sheet to “air out” once a day and she loves being diaper-free. And my son only wears diapers when he’s out of the house.
    jenyasha87 at hotmail dot com

  5. Shairbearg says:

    I think the best thing I do is let them go diaper and undies free. No laundry, and no waste!

  6. mamawee says:

    I switched to cloth diapering with my youngest

  7. Lisa_june says:

    Instead of using disposable wipes, I use baby clothes that I wash and reuse for the same purpose.

  8. darkkrystyl says:

    we use cloth diapers ! 🙂 better for baby, wallet, planet–

  9. pamalot says:

    My potty learning has always involved underwear and waterproof waffle protectors over top…I say away from buying pull ups.

    pamfreecycle at gmail dot com

  10. A Mom's Take says:

    We use cloth diapers and flushable liners as well. This helps speed up potty training as well as being eco-friendly!

    Janel C.

  11. Tabitha Pye says:

    I want to cloth diaper desperately, I keep entering those giveaways but never win! ahhhh 😉

  12. Anonymous says:

    Use cloth diapers

    mikeg70 at

  13. loves6cats says:

    I use cloth diapers, faceclothes instead of wipes and training pants instead of pull-ups.

  14. Heidi says:

    Cloth diapers would definetly be more eco-friendly.

  15. I am now a happy cloth diapering mommy! Its amazing how much less garbage we have since putting our youngest 2 in cloth.

  16. johanna says:

    I have been using the batural non bleached diapers…at first i was afraid of the absorbency factor, but they are great…would love to fo beco potty after this

  17. Menzies says:

    We use cloth diapers which help the environment (and our babes health, our wallet.. and look cute.. so why wouldn’t we?). Can also use cloth wipes instead of disposables

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