The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy (REVIEW)

The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy By Elaine Petrone

During pregnancy we are told by friends, family, doctors and books that regular exercise is the best way to have a comfortable pregnancy and smooth delivery and recovery. Let’s be honest, though, while pregnant going to classes at the community center or gym can be difficult because we’re tired or there are other children to look after and finding an hour and a half in our day to ourselves to exercise just isn’t easy.

The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy guide seems to recognize this difficulty and teaches breathing, relaxation, stretching and muscle building activities that can be done one at a time and in 15 minute increments if necessary. They can also be done anywhere; in the kitchen, on the floor of your bedroom, in bed or in the TV room while your children are playing a game or watching television. And all you need are the two small exercise balls (each about 5 inches across) and yourself.

Elaine Petrone, the creator of the Miracle Ball Method, developed this out of her own prenatal and postpartum experiences. She recognizes the realities of being pregnant and what the stressors associated can do to our bodies. The methods throughout the book are intended to focus on relaxing sections of the body a few at a time and drawing our focus towards our breathing, the feel of our body and releasing tension throughout. Along with this comes the added benefit of reshaping and realigning our body, relieving aches and reducing stress levels.

The guide is divided into sections including pregnancy, breathing, a great variety of stretches and movements both using the balls and not, relief for pregnancy and labour, ways to reshape your body after giving birth and specific postpartum exercises. The exercises could be started at any point during or after your pregnancy and could be continued for years as they truly do seem to relieve tension and reshape.

I look forward to making more use of the Miracle Ball Method and to the benefits that it brings both during the rest of my pregnancy and the time afterwards.

Reviewed by Janet C.

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