Survey and Tim Horton’s Gift Card: Women, Investing and Green Energy

Congratulations to Amanda Bourassa – the gift card winner!

This Guest Post has been brought to you by Adrienne Brault!

My name is Adrienne Brault and I’m a UBC MBA Student doing a summer internship with a Vancouver based cleantech fund called GreenAngel Energy. At GAE we invest in early stage technologies that are providing green solutions. In our portfolio we have an electric car company, a carbon offsets software, a waste management system, HVAC and fuel cell efficiency technologies, an LED lighting company and a electric vehicle battery technology.

If you’re interested you can visit our website and learn more about us at > At GAE we recently discovered that many of new shareholders (you can buy GAE stock on the TSX) are women. Far more then in the past and more than the average retail stock. So we are trying to figure out why this may be. We have our own hypothesis but we want to know what you ladies think.

If you were to purchase us, why would you? So we’ve designed a very quick survey that we would really appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out. Most of the questions are pretty basic and straight forward but I have also left space for you to provide additional feedback if you feel you have a particular view you would like to share.

Survey has ended.

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