Help Stella’s Family!

Meet Stella.

Stella Joy

Stella’s parents have recently found out that Stella has an inoperable, fatal tumor that is wrapped around her brain stem. Currently she only has a few symptoms but this with change quickly. She only has a few months to live so her parents have taken leaves of absence from work to spend every last minute with her.

Stella’s family is need of money to assist them to pay for every day occurrences like hospital parking, cleaning and daily support. You can read more about how to help them financially here.

If you own a company that could provide Stella’s family with something to help out either financially or otherwise, I’m sure that they would truly appreciate your assistance!

My heart, my thoughts and my hugs go out to Stella and her family during this very challenging and difficult time!

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One Response to Help Stella’s Family!

  1. May says:

    OMG! this is heart breaking, can’t they cure her illness ?? Oh God please intervene on this. My prayers goes to them, God will give them the strength to endure what they are facing now.

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