BOOK REVIEW: I Love You More by Laura Duksta

The author of I Love You More, Laura Duksta, lost all of her hair at the age of eleven. As a result of this, she has experienced bullying, teasing and depression! After learning to love and accept herself (at the age of 30!), she finally began to live her life and has began to spread the message that “we get back what we reflect to others”. She began to write books that teach people to express and accept love, something that many of us have difficult with!

Gosh, I love flip-sided books! They are SO much fun! My daughter and I read this book over and over and over again when we received it for review. It is such a sweet and special book.

At some point in time, a child will always question their parents’ love for them and this book is just perfect for the answer! One side of the book answers how much the mother loves her son and the other side answers how much her son loves her! Not only does it show that it is normal to wonder about love, but it also gives the child the opportunity to express themselves and just how much they love their parent back!

Again, like Duksta’s other book that I have reviewed, The World is a Gift to You, the illustrations are super bright and cheerful and really help to set the wonderful tone to the book.

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