REVIEW: Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show

On Saturday morning, my family and I packed ourselves up in the terrible snowstorm that we were having to head to the Roger’s Centre to see Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show and boy am I ever glad that we did!

I brought my little point & shoot camera to take some photos for you, but it is really difficult to get good pictures with the lighting the way it is during the show, so sorry about the terrible quality of the photos!

We were all ready with our Mickey friends (thanks Feld!) and popcorn.

The kids LOVED the pre-show with the energetic “Stage Manager” and the Disney Shows that were up on the large screen. It got the kids movin’ and groovin’, out of their seats (good thinkin’) before the show. The kids had a blast with this! It was great pre-show entertainment while the children waited ever so patiently for the show to begin.

Many childhood memories flashed before me as I saw my life size Disney friends dance about on stage! What a lively, energetic bunch! The fun wasn’t just for the kids. A few of us adults were bouncing around in our seats too! Yes, I’m a kid at heart!

My daughter loved the car that the characters drove around in. She especially loved how the background digital screen moved with the car to create different background scenes. It looked very realistic at times and at one point she called out to me, “Mommy, look, the car is really moving!”–even though it was just a digital effect.

There were actual oohs, aahs and gasps from the audience when Cinderella came on stage dressed up in her gorgeous, stunning and VERY sparkly ball gown.

And my 2 year old son has recounted the story about when Buzz Light Year got “tuck” (stuck). This was clearly his favourite part because he has described it perfectly time and time again to us. It is so adorable!

The various costumes, the lights, the effects (oh, the bubbles–what’s with kids and bubbles? they just go crazy!), the music, the dancing, it was all so much fun!

On Saturday night, while I was lying beside my 2 year old son in bed having his before bed “nuggle” (snuggle) he said, “Mommy, sank you bring me to best show in de world! I love it and it wasn’t too loud! Last time we took red train the show was loud. Dis time show wasn’t too loud and I saw Buzz Light Year!”

My 5 year old said to me when we got home, “Mommy, you’re the best Mommy ever. Thank you for taking us to the show today!”

In the afternoon, the kids played “make believe Mickey Rockin’ Road Show where my 5 year old was the Stage Manager and conducted the show, telling jokes, guiding the audience (my 2 year old and their Mickey stuffed animals) to do exercises and dances and they listened to music and danced. It was adorable!

We’ve heard the jokes that were told in the show over and over again ever since the show! Clearly, the show was a hit for both of my kids and well…..I loved it too!

Multi-Testing Mommy received complimentary tickets from Feld Entertainment to Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show in exchange for a non-biased review of the show.

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