Being a former Kindergarten teacher, you had to expect that I would jump on the opportunity to review the Preschool Language and Literacy calendar that is put out by The Hanen Centre for the past five years.

The Hanen Centre is a not for profit charitable organization that has been around for years. The centre educates teachers, parents and caregivers in helping them promote language development during every day activities. They share information with professionals who deal with teachers and parents. They develop learning materials for children and they conduct research in the area of language and literacy development in young children.

The calendar provides educators and parents with practical and fun ways to encourage language and literacy development in 3 to 5 year olds.

For only $10, families can enjoy daily activities that are language based in order to increase their child’s exposure to language rich activities on a daily basis.

Each month, there is a featured focus for making your language experience with your child rich, meaningful and effective.

The calendar has at school ideas and at home ideas. The activities are divided into four sections: Daily Activities, Pretend Play, Reading Books and On the go.

After reading through the calendar and the poster, I was motivated to start right away. I am always trying to provide my daughter with language rich opportunities, but I became motivated to do more. Last night, I started a new routine where I spell out what we are having for dinner on the fridge with her ABC magnets. She is enjoying sounding out the letters and talking about the words each meal. She also started to “spell” her own “words” on the fridge to reciprocate the activity for me. Too cute and a lot of fun!

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  1. DARLENE W says:

    An interactive calendar, great stocking stuffer

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