Breastfeeding: Mother-to-Mother

Jessica Solomon from Breastfeeding Basics was kind enough to send me a copy of her incredible and informative breastfeeding video called Breastfeeding Basics.

With my first daughter, I breastfed for 13 months. We got off to a difficult start, but I was bound and determined to breastfeed. I went to clinics, read books and consulted websites. We battled improper latches, thrush and finding comfortable feeding positions due to my vertical c-section. But in the end, we made it through and both her and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience that we shared for 13 months.

I am now pregnant again and although I remember how much I loved breastfeeding and am just as determined to make it work with this baby, I am nervous. I am nervous that I will have similar challenges and with dealing with a 3 year old, a repeat c-section and those challenges, I fear that it may be more difficult this time around.

Jessica’s video was more than helpful and reminded me of the basics to breastfeeding, but also was very informative with regards to many of the challenges that Moms go through.

I found her video to be very unique in that she breastfed her daughter throughout the entire video and was able to demonstrate almost everything that she discussed. This was very helpful because one can read as much as they want about breastfeeding, but until they either see it done or do it themselves, they cannot get a true grasp about what someone is referring to.

Jessica’s video was very thorough. In the video, she covers the following topics:

* How to correctly latch a baby onto the nipple (close-up demonstration)
* The best holds and positions for breastfeeding (demonstration)
* How to unlatch a baby properly to prevent nipple trauma (close-up
* The gentle and effective way to burp a baby (demonstration)
* Why feeding schedules don’t work and can lead to failure
* A simple technique for breastfeeding at night without losing sleep
* The top breastfeeding complications and solutions
* How to use a nipple shield (close-up demonstration)
* The surprising answers to some of the most commonly asked breastfeeding
* How to avoid the biggest breastfeeding mistakes that lead to failure
* The correct way to use a breast pump (close-up pump demonstration)
* How to hand express your breast milk (close-up demonstration)
* What every mother should know about weaning their baby
* How to handle breastfeeding in public with style and confidence
* The number one key to breastfeeding success

Jessica has a 100% Money Back Guarantee, where if you are not completely satisfied or you believe the video was not for you, she will provide you with a full refund. What do you have to lose?

The video costs $29.95, which in my opinion is more than worth the purchase! It is much less costly than hiring a lactation consultant after the fact. Although it is perfectly normal for some people to require additional breastfeeding support after their baby is born, I believe that this video should provide most mothers with the key information, support and reassurance needed in order to have a successful start to breastfeeding. It may even be useful after the baby is born as a refresher.

Thanks, Jessica for the wonderful opportunity to review your video and to share such a valuable resource with other mothers and moms to be out there!

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2 Responses to Breastfeeding: Mother-to-Mother

  1. smiles4u says:

    I am going to definetly pass this information on because I think it would be well worth the money to have a video like this…so much better than a book. I breast fed all my kids and this would have been nice to have. Thanks for the review.

  2. salexis says:

    My story is very similar! I had SO many challenges breastfeeding my first child. I never knew it could be so difficult! Everyone said if I stuck it out it would get better… but it didn’t. and so despite all the support I sought – I eventually had to stop at only 4 months. I was terrified (but determined) to nurse my second child, and thankfully was able to nurse him until 3.5 years!!!!!

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