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Back at the end of August, I was introduced to PGX products and I wrote a beginning post called Will PGX Change My Life. I encourage you to take a moment to go read that post to get a feel for where my journey with PGX began.
Two weeks later, I wrote a post sharing an update on my PGX use. You can read about that post here.

Now, here I am 2 months later to share with you my overall experience and thoughts about PGX products.

“PGX (PolyGlycopleX®) is a composed of water-soluble polysaccharides (plant fibres) that effectively balance blood sugar levels, reduce appetite, and help with weight loss.”
Information taken directly from the Webbers Naturals website.

I have tried out PGX Daily Softgels, PGX Daily Granules and PGX SATISFAST (PGX and Whey Protein). I like them all for different reasons.

Although the Daily Softgels are HUGE horse pills, they are convenient to take in that all you need is a huge glass of water. It did take me approximately three weeks to allow my body to regulate and for me to determine what amount worked best for me. This was the one product that didn’t fully agree with me at first, but with LOTS and LOTS of water and a slow increase in the amount of pills I was taking, I was able to adjust quite nicely. The pills have no taste, are easy to swallow (given their large size) and definitely helped to curb my appetite and crave less junk. The one downside to these pills is that I found them difficult to carry with me and I wasn’t home a lot during my first month of taking them.

This is where the Daily Granules came into play for me. They come in a small, convenient and very portable size. I didn’t have much success with using them with water (I found the texture of the water too difficult to drink), but they worked REALLY well for me in oatmeal and yogurt.

My favourite product by PGX that I sampled was the PGX SATISFAST. This is a Whey Protein shake powder that contains PGX. I enjoyed using this product to make smoothies at breakfast and sometimes lunch. I absolutely love the “Very Vanilla” flavour and the consistency ended up being a good match for me, providing I used other fruits to add to the texture.

Have I lost weight being on PGX, the honest truth is no, unfortunately not. However, I do not hold PGX responsible for this. It has been 110% my fault. A lot has been going on in my life these past couple of months which has lead to stress, bad food choices and less exercise. All of those things combined meant that I wasn’t always able to remember to use PGX every day and I also unfortunately didn’t have as much will power when it came to bad food choices.

I highly recommend using PGX and giving it a fair try. I definitely found that when I was the most committed to using it, I had less cravings and I felt full longer (and was easily able to decrease my portion sizes).

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  • For me I found that ‘demanding’ time 5 times a week for my excercise is a must. Hubby and son have learned to adjust to my schedule because Mom is healthier and happier when it occurs.

  • eat most of your calories at breakfast and lunch. Light supper, and no snacking after 8pm

  • I only drink water or unsweetened tea. No juice or soda or coffee for me. It helps me keep a couple of extra pounds off.

  • Lots of water works for me. No snacking after dinner, just leave the room for a while when the husband starts getting into the snacks.

  • Biggest things for me is lots of water, and watching my portionsize.

  • November 16–Try to get some sort of exercise at least five times a week.-Elva Roberts

  • Make it a habit to eat breakfast

  • Faa

    We cook almost everything from scratch and use fresh ingredients.

    Narathip wall
    polo_wataga at yahoo dot com

  • My healthy tip is do some sort of physical activity daily! I like walks!

  • We eat alot of baked oatmeal with fruit, almonds and walnuts. We make it with almond milk and also add hemp, chia and oat bran!

    Super healthy way to start the day!

    Anne Taylor

  • drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep

  • Always have healthy snacks like apples, carrots and nuts handy.

  • Always have healthy snacks like apples, carrots and nuts handy.

  • I try to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and veggies.

    (Karla Sceviour on rafflecopter)

  • Eat a high fibre breakfast with complex carbs so you don’t have a midmorning crash that has you reaching for something sugary.

  • Stay away from fried foods, eat lots of fresh and get lots of exercise!

  • Eat more leafy greens than fruit. While fruits can be wonderfully packed with vitamins, they are also packed with sugar. Even though it’s naturally occurring sugar, it can still be bad for you if you over do it (e.g., eating a bag of apples thinking you”ll lose weight).

  • Eat SLOWLY. It’s a wonderful way to savour your food – and to eat less.

  • Buy fresh and local fruits and veggies. They taste so good the whole family will want to eat them.
    jentam777 at gmail dot com

  • drink plenty of water, take vitamins and eat plenty of fruits and veggies

    belinda mcnabb

  • One thing I learned is to chew your food a lot slower and put down your fork between bites. You will eat a lot less.

  • I remember reading something years ago that said when you are craving something sweet that you can substitute cheese for a sweet. I have been doing this for years and I have to say it works for me.

  • I try to walk, daily, even if it’s miserable out! A walking buddy helps.

  • Drink lots of water and keep up with your exercise routines.

  • December 4-I commented on yor post -Let’s get healthy together-week 23.Elva Roberts

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