Mattress Protection for All Ages

I am truly honoured to share my blog space today with my mother-in-law who has a gift for writing, just like her son. I have always said that this blog was a place to introduce Canadian families to new products (as well as recipes, parenting tips and ideas). There have been quite a few products over the years that I’ve discovered through opportunities on Multi-Testing Mommy that have become “must have products” in our home. One of these products is Canadian owned PeapodMats. Not only have these mats become a staple in our home, we also travel with them. When I saw my mother-in-law needing a good quality, breathable product to put on her bed, I knew that she HAD to try out PeapodMats. Mattress protection is something that we need at all ages and finally there is a solution that far surpasses the other options.

Today, I welcome, a guest writer: my mother-in-law. Please welcome her with open arms and an open mind as this topic is a sensitive one.

Mattress Protection for All Ages…



mattress protection for all ages

Sometimes life makes decisions for us. Our first wish might be to simply decline what’s in store for us, but this happens to come without a right to decline. It leaves us to hunker down and find the best solution that works for us. This is exactly what I’m about to share with you.

This begins with the process of laying claim to a permanent residence in my weathered body. This is my story about learning to cope with urinary incontinence and a choice that a pitcher of lemonade which will not help with the bag of lemons looking straight at me. Thus my hunt for that unique thing that could alleviate some of the signs and symptoms that seem almost wed to me.

My search was short and oh so successful. It most often has a targeted audience composed of moms with toddlers in the midst of toilet training or those with an older child who has enuresis. There is this unique pad that offers superb and comfortable mattress protection and is designed/created in BC by two local Moms in Vancouver. They are relatively new on the market and have been featured on Dragon’s Den. I can hardly wait for it to go viral and then more easily accessible.

mattress protection for all ages

PeapodMats are an amazing new absorbent pad providing top notch mattress protection. Ideally, they should be found in every home. Each owner will be beyond grateful once all of its uses are described and offered to targeted buyers who will begin to market it independently when their excitement bubbles over with the successful options that it is used for.

Personally, I suffer from a chronic bladder disorder.


Now my body is spared the sweating and overheated bed from my initial product which lacks natural fibres and thus the ability to breathe. Bed linens and mattresses gain back the longevity they are meant to offer. There are no more smelly and stained mattress pads on my bed.

PeapodMats breathe, stand up to frequent laundering and stay in one position on the bed. I’m finally done with the frequent efforts to scrub my mattress almost daily. Gone too is the embarrassment I suffered when my PSW stripped my bed for laundry.

The PeapodMats are Mother Nature’s first choice for each bed that needs the protection and comfort it offers. I am no longer overwhelmed with the gift choice for a baby shower or a new baby gift. Actually it is the perfect gift for every home once all of its uses are revealed.

I promise you that your purchase of PeapodMats for you or as gifts will never disappoint. Enjoy the comfort it offers and the fewer daily tasks one needs to do. I know I do.

PeapodMats have been featured on our Gift Ideas Page as an incredible gift idea for people of all ages. This holiday season, if you know of someone who could use a comfortable, breathable, waterproof solution for mattress protection, I’m telling you to look no further! THAT is how confident I am that you will love these mats!

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