What to Pack for a Day at the Beach

DISCLAIMER ~ This post is sponsored by Banana Boat. All opinions are my own. I only share content that excites me and I feel would be beneficial to Canadian Moms. I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the hunt for a sunscreen that is Mom AND kid approved. In our household, this is a very difficult task.

Packing for a day at the beach can often feel like you may as well be packing for a week long vacation! At least this is it what it feels like when you’re like me and you like to pack everything but the kitchen sink to ensure you have all of your bases covered.
A day at the beach can be fun for everyone in the family. AND it is crucial that you remember to pack some key items to go with you. These include (and are not limited to):

  • hats
  • swim suits
  • beach cover ups
  • towels
  • sandals and/or water shoes
  • beach toys
  • umbrella
  • beach blanket
  • lifejackets and/or flotation devices
  • FOOD and water to drink
  • sunscreen

I feel like I’m playing that game “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring…..” ~ you get the picture, it’s a lot of stuff, right?

One more item that I keep in the car with me all summer long is my microfibre dusting mitt (yes, the kind you dust your home with) as it is FANTASTIC at wiping the sand off of feet before they get into the car.

Oh but wait, what’s Mom going to do while the kiddos are playing in the sand? Well, some Moms love to join in the fun and others like to take the opportunity to sit back and relax. I would suggest bringing a book, but let’s be REAL shall we? Can you actually read a book with the kids at the beach? I sure can’t! Between keeping a good eye on the children and getting interrupted, I would re-read the same paragraph a thousand times and eventually just call it quits.

Can we talk about sunscreen for a minute?

Please remember that putting on sunscreen at the beginning of the day before you leave for the beach isn’t effective. With today’s strong UV rays, combined with the water at the beach, it is crucial that we reapply every couple of hours! I talked about my real life Mom struggles when it comes to kids and sunscreen in a previous post. However, sunscreen is a non-negotiable in our household. That is why I feel good using a product that has fewer ingredients, applies nicely and is effective. This summer, we have been using the Banana Boat® called the Simply Protectâ„¢ line. My daughter really likes using the Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids Lotion.

The Simply Protect product line is new, and it allows families to choose a Banana Boat sunscreen formula that best works for them. It is made with 25% fewer ingredients, including no parabens, oxybenzone or added fragrances and oils, and that the gentle, tear-free formula is made especially for kids (and this Mom likes a tear-free formula too!).

Remember to reapply your sunscreen often when you are outside.

Do you carry it with you wherever you go during the summer months?

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