Super Girl Costume for Halloween

My daughter decided she wanted to get a Super Girl Costume this year for Halloween. I grew up in a home with a very creative and talented Mom who encouraged us to have homemade costumes. So, purchasing a costume was a foreign concept to me. However when your tween gets an idea in her head and you’re a busy Mama, sometimes you tweak your ideal plan.

A Busy Mom’s Big Sigh of Relief

After brainstorming how to make our own Super Girl Costume, I came to the realization that this year especially (because I’ve been so busy organizing She Succeeds, a conference for women in business) that I need to take off my “Super Mom” cape. This meant that I decided to purchase (I know, if you’re a creative Mama, you’re gasping right now lol) her costume on Amazon. This happens to be my favourite new place to shop online! And I know that Julie Cole, the co-founder of Mabel’s Labels who is giving our Keynote at She Succeeds would give me a HIGH FIVE for coming to this realization, at least I hope she will!

Super Girl Costume
Hmmm….perhaps I should consider going out as Super Mom this year!
As a Mom of school-aged children, I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that my children often change their mind about what they will dress up for Halloween MANY times before the big day. This means that we typically don’t pre-plan ahead of time because I know the plan will change many times. That is why this year I have decided to use and their amazing Halloween Store. Not only do they have a HUGE selection, but they also ship FAST, especially when you use Amazon Prime. We had my daughter’s costume arrive the very same day that I placed the order!

One Child Down, One to Go…

My son is still contemplating what to be this year for Halloween. He is in love with his Poo Emoji pillow and thought that he might dress up as that. I tried to convince him to tie it around his waist tightly with rope and call himself constipation. He laughed, but then quickly turned that idea down.

What is your child dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Feel free to visit this Costume by Age search tool to get some ideas.

Mom Tip: As you’re busy getting your home all decked out with Halloween Decor and preparing for Halloween baking, be sure to find a special Halloween activity to keep the kids busy!

Halloween MadlibsHalloween MadLibsHalloween MadLibs

As always, full disclosure is extremely important to me. I am an Amazon Affiliate. Amazon is a convenient way to do your online shopping from the convenience of your own home. If FREE SHIPPING is important to you, be sure to check out Amazon Prime as an opportunity.

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2 Responses to Super Girl Costume for Halloween

  1. loriag says:

    It is ok to take off our super mom cape once in awhile! It doesn’t tarnish our hardware.

  2. kathy downey says:

    They sure have some nice items we dressed as a pumpkin!

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