Looking for a Unique Gift Idea for a Child This Holiday?

I’ve had many conversations lately with parents who are struggling to figure out what to give their child this Christmas. What do you give a child who has everything? Many people are keeping their eyes peeled for a unique gift idea that will not fill the toy room or simply sit on a shelf unused.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like compared to when I was a child, our children these days have too much. Not only do we not have enough space to store it all, but do they really NEED it all?

We have had many conversations in our household about the difference between WANT and NEED.
Christmas is a time when many children create wish lists and on that list, they can put whatever it is that they WANT. Even if there are unrealistic items on their list, I will always encourage my children to dream. Who knows, that could lead into a different conversation about saving their own money and one day reaching their goal! Perhaps they could make two lists – a wish list and a hope list (e.g. one day, I hope to have…).

The other day, I caught myself just about to suggest to my daughter that she take something off of her wish list. BUT, who am I to say she can’t have it? My fear was that she would be disappointed when she does not receive that item.

It is equally important to me that my children learn how to dream and to set goals!
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What are some unique gift ideas for the child who has everything?


I have created a list of ideas for you and would LOVE to hear more ideas in the comments below, if you have them!

A pass to the Ontario Science Centre
unique gift idea

Giveaway ends December 12th – visit our Facebook Page for your chance to enter!

Swimming or Skating pass at your local town poor or rink
Tickets to to a play or musical
Tickets to a sports event
A session of classes
(e.g. pottery, cooking, karate, music, art, theatre, sports or recreation etc.)
A trip to a local museum, aquarium, zoo or other tourist attraction of interest
A day at the spa
Amusement park pass
Movie pass
Ski pass
Subscription box (like Curiosity Box or Marmalade Books)

Can you think of a unique gift idea for a child?

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3 Responses to Looking for a Unique Gift Idea for a Child This Holiday?

  1. elizamatt says:

    Great ideas for unique gifts, love the Ontario Science Centre giveaway but it’s too far away from AB unfortunately. 🙁

  2. Darlene Schuller says:

    I love Ontario Science Centre! Ihaven’t been there in years.. this is a fabulous gift idea!

  3. ruth moreira-lozon says:

    I agree with this list. As I get older I find that “experiences” are definitely a better gift than a doll or a puzzle or whatever. Kids remember that we spent time together and we had a blast…those memories are priceless!

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