My Hazelwood Necklace Has Helped Me!

Where do I even begin? Up until a month ago, I had not heard of hazelwood. BUT, as soon as I was introduced and investigated a bit, I was sold that I had to try it out to see if it could help me with my skin issues as well as my digestion.

I am happy to report that indeed, hazelwood helps!

I have three physical “ailments” that I am going to share with you in this post. The purpose of sharing is NOT to complain, but rather to help you understand how my Hazelwood Necklace has helped me!

  1. You see, I have psoriasis on my elbow. It flares up and when it is at its worst, it is extremely dry, scaly and PAINFUL. Moisturizing well, multiple times a day has helped keep it at bay, however, it still drives me absolutely crazy.
  2. I have a patch of eczema is quite bad around my right eye. It gets extremely painful and putting anything but cream or lotion (and occasionally cortisone cream, when I just can’t take it anymore) just irritates it further. I have hardly been able to wear any makeup since April when this started because I never know what is going to make it flare.
  3. Completely unrelated to skin issues, I seem to get heartburn quite often in the evening, after dinner. I was taking an antacid multiple times each week in order to ease the symptoms.
  4. My Hazelwood Necklace has helped me for all three of these issues.

    As you can see in the above photos, within a couple of days of wearing the necklace, a BAD eye flare up was quickly disappearing, without the use of anything special other than wearing the Hazelwood necklace. My elbow didn’t turn quite as quickly, but it certainly did calm down after a few days.

    AND, I have not taken an antacid for heartburn in a few weeks now. Even after eating foods like pizza that is always guaranteed to cause me issues!

    One full week after wearing the Hazelwood Necklace (24/7), I was able to go to a photoshoot (that I can’t wait to tell you more about) and even have my makeup done.

    Check it out…..

    I absolutely LOVE the large variety of designs available in Hazelwood necklaces. It was very difficult to choose, but of course, I ended up selecting one with blue beads on it as my favourite colour is blue AND it goes with quite a bit of my wardrobe.

    About Pure Hazelwood:
    Pure Hazelwood has been the world leader on the market of hazelwood products for more than 18 years. They are pioneer on scientific research on hazelwood and discovered that hazelwood is rich in anti-inflammatory molecules. Their products help to relieve symptoms related to inflammation, including: teething pain, colic, arthritis (joint pain), skin problems (psoriasis, eczema), digestive disorders (heartburn) and mouth sores. They have a complete line of hazelwood products (therapeutic jewelry): baby and adult necklaces, bracelets (single, double, triple, and anklet), and skin care products (moisturizing lotion and zinc ointment).

    Pure Hazelwood products are made of 100% natural hazelwood from the Canadian Boreal forest. Only high quality materials are used to create the products: hazelwood, glass beads or natural gemstone, safe wire, safe clasp, etc. They are Canadian made with Canadian products.
    Information shared directly from Pure Hazelwood.

    Learn more about what Hazelwood can do for you!
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