10 Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to invite your Mom over for Mother’s Day Brunch!

I’m a HUGE fan of brunch, simply because there is often a variety of both sweet and savory foods and I love the idea of breakfast for lunch or dinner! I often don’t have the appetite for a large breakfast, but I really do enjoy breakfast type foods.

Mother's Day Brunch

Feel free to save the image above and send it to your Mom if you are planning on having her over for Mother’s Day Brunch!

Here are some Mother’s Day Brunch ideas to help you plan your special day:

Bacon Wrapped French Toast CupsBacon Wrapped French Toast Cups

Cake for BreakfastCake For Breakfast

Sweet Potato Loaf
Sweet Potato Loaf

Iced Coffee BarsIced Coffee Bars

Cocoa Carrot Cubes
Cocoa Carrot Cubes

Breakfast Bars
Breakfast Bars

Breakfast Cookies
Healthier Breakfast Cookies

Stovetop Frittata
Stovetop Frittata

Gluten Free Banana Pancakes
Gluten Free Banana Pancakes

Strawberry Banana Pancake Muffins

Ok, one more, I lied….as you likely know already, I am a HUGE fan of French Toast. I enjoy overnight versions because you can prepare them ahead of time, but I also find them ultimately fluffy and delicious. If you are entertaining a larger crowd for Mother’s Day Brunch, prepare two pans of this meal the night before, serve it with fruit and perhaps some yogurt or whipped cream and you will surely have a crowd pleaser!
Overnight French Toast

What would your favourite food be at a Mother’s Day brunch?

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18 Responses to 10 Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    I like most of your ideas for a Mother’s Day Brunch. Some would be too sweet for my taste. One of my favorites is the Banana and Egg Gluten-free Pancakes. We have already tried them and they are now a favorite at our house for breakfast and lunch.

  2. Heidi C. says:

    I want cake for breakfast! I must forward these to my hubby

  3. Holly says:

    Those bacon wrapped french toast cups are calling my name!

  4. Lynda Cook says:

    Those Bacon Wrapped French Toast Cups sound amazing!!

  5. kristen visser says:

    omg they all look amazing but those Iced Coffee Bars??? look absolutely delicious and would go great with my coffe (and I know my mom would love them too )

  6. Laurie P says:

    That stove top frittata is making me super hungry! Absolutely perfect for brunch!

  7. Tasyo says:

    my son loves pancake and strawberry for breakfast.

  8. Rogue_Femme says:

    Mine has always been a breakfast style quiche…. This year, we did an afternoon tea for Mother’s Day which was nice.

  9. elizamatt says:

    Mine would be a big fry up, bacon, eggs, fried tomatoes & mushrooms, hashbrowns, Heinz baked beans all with well buttered toast. Iced Coffee Bars are my favourite to go with the above 🙂

  10. Elva Roberts says:

    I like all your ideas for a Mother’s Day Brunch. I have tried the Banana -Egg pancakes and loved them. We have made them several times since. Thank you for all the ideas and recipes for this brunch.

  11. Jenn Erin L says:

    These all are great ideas! I’d love to try the Strawberry Banana Pancake Muffins soon!

  12. Wanda Tracey says:

    Thanks for the great ideas for lunch.I love the pepperoni, avacado and sun-dried tomato frittata. It looks so delicious.

  13. elizamatt says:

    What a lovely idea to invite your mother over for Mother’s Day Brunch. Unfortunately mine lived in another country and so this never happened. 🙁

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