Spreading the Laundry Love! {Giveaway}

I love spreading the love and today, I get to spread a very special kind of love called Laundry Love. I know, I know, who knew that there was such a thing and really can laundry and love go together? Well, today I am writing to share with you that they definitely can!

I have the opportunity to nominate a fellow blogger who could use some Laundry Love and today……I nominate…..
Tiffany from Naturally Cracked

Tiffany Bio
I know that Tiffany’s boys are super active and with that comes DIRT and GRASS STAINS and FOOD STAINS and MORE! She is also a cloth diapering Mommy who does A LOT of laundry! As part of the OxiClean “pass it on” program, I would like to nominate Tiffany to receive a OxiClean Laundry gift basket to spread some Laundry LOVE her way!

Are you someone does a lot of laundry? Last week I shared some Laundry Tips for how to take a load off from OxiClean. Who doesn’t want to reduce the number of loads they do in a week?

In my house, everyone has a specific laundry day. This works well for me as it keeps me organized and it reduces the time that I spend folding laundry as there isn’t much sorting to do because it all belongs to one person.

Here is our laundry schedule:
Monday: Hubby
Tuesday: My 5 year old son
Wednesday: My 9 year old daughter
Thursday: ME
Friday: Norwex cloths or other odds and ends OR BREAK DAY!
Weekend: Towels and Bedding

Would you like to win an OxiClean Laundry Prize Pack valued at $30?

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7 Responses to Spreading the Laundry Love! {Giveaway}

  1. Shari Goss says:

    YAY!! I know that Tiffany struggles with her laundry! So I know she will love this. As for me, I get the boys to bring their laundry to the laundry room when I am going to do it, I do sort it. But then my machines are huge capacity so 2 loads in my old machines, does 1 load, it helps a lot.

    I fold it all, but everyone puts their own away. My oldest has chores and one of his chores is to do 1 laundry task a day. So sometimes I get him to gather, sort, or put everyone’s laundry on to their dressers. They each have to put it into their drawers.

  2. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says:

    Awww Awesome! This is way to kind of you! As Shari mentioned below this is one thing I struggle with on a regular basis. It is so hard to keep on top of it all and I never seem to get a head.
    Maybe if I throw in something new it will get me excited again. I have heard great things about OxyClean and can not wait to try it out myself.
    Thanks Again for picking me I can not wait to share my experience with you.

  3. cole mckinnon says:

    We use Oxiclean in every load of laundry. We love it. It makes such a positive difference. It is sweet that you nominated Tiffany from Naturally Cracked.

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