Get Your Child Organized and in a Routine #ArtsyPlay {LINKY}

Rain or Shine

How much fun would this Summer Scavenger Hunt be one day this summer? Kids LOVE to go on scavenger hunts! This idea includes a free printable for you to use in order to help your children track their discoveries.

When a rainy day is looming, it sure would be handy to have a Rainy Day Bin all ready to go filled with fun activities!

Kids love to play with wooden blocks! This post shares 6 new ways to play with wooden blocks.

This last activity takes a lot of adult assistance and supervision, but once it is made, oh the fun your child will have! Make a DIY Foam Aircraft Carrier for your child to play with, it is guaranteed to provide them with hours of fun!

This week, I shared a FREE Printable and Customizable Chore Chart that I have created for my kids. The one change that I am going to make for this Chore Chart is to call it a Family Contribution Chart as I really don’t love the term “chore”.

This got me thinking that there must be many other GREAT ways to keep your children in routine and organized throughout their days this summer. We would LOVE to see your ideas.

How do you get your child organized?

It is getting to be Back to School time! Do any of you have children starting Kindergarten? Are you feeling a bit lost as a new Kindergarten parent? I’ve written a few posts about this that have helped other new Kindergarten parents:
Getting Ready for Full Day Kindergarten
Preparing for Kindergarten Part 1
Preparing for Kindergarten Part 2
A Kindergarten Visit – Who Needs More Preparation, Parent or Child?

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