March Break Activities at Home

Last year, I shared a post with some ideas for some March Break activities at home and this year I would like to add a few more fun ideas…
March Break Activities for Kids

Sometimes, many children just want a break during March Break. A small amount of down time is important to schedule each day, if possible. The last thing you want is for your children to feel like they were on the go the entire March Break. Kids like down time too! In our house, we call it quiet time. Sometimes the kids have a nap and sometimes they play quietly in their rooms, but in either case, we all take a little break.

There are many great activities that you can organize for your children at home during March Break with very few materials. Think of what materials you have available to you at home and consider involving the children in coming up with an idea.

Use your imagination and creativity with these March Break Activities…

Children LOVE to be creative!

Perhaps invite them to make a fort or dress up and organize a tea party with all of their stuffed animal friends.

Have some indoor fun!

If you aren’t heading somewhere warm, perhaps consider having a Beach Day IN!

Put bathing suits on and head into the bathtub for some bubble fun.
Bubble Fun

If the weather isn’t going to cooperate or you need a fun indoor activitiy, here are some ideas for some Frugal and Easy Indoor Snow Activities.

Remember that children need to stay active!

Here’s an idea… organize a Giant Game of Tic Tac Toss.

Children LOVE to play with their hands!

Make Your Own Homemade GAK or Slime
Homemade GAK

Sensory Activities for Young Children – most children, both young and old, LOVE to get their hands dirty and to have their senses stimluated.  This is how they learn.  Sensory and tactile activities are great for children because they allow them explore in a hands-on manner.

Top 10 Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Have some outdoor fun!

If it gets REALLY COLD outside, why not head outdoors for a few minutes to make some Frozen Bubbles.
Outdoor Frozen Bubbles

Make meal time fun!

Fun March Break activities can happen all day long!
Very Hungry Caterpillar Snack
Have you heard of the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Why not head to the library and borrow the book and then come home for a fun snack.

FunBites Sandwich CuttersFun food for children can be as simple as using some cookie cutters and creating fun sandwich shapes.

Quiet Ideas are Always Good Too!

We have a quiet time every afternoon after lunch. Sometimes the kids have a nap and sometimes they play, but whatever they are doing, they are in their own rooms being quiet. A great idea for this time is to read. DK Canada has a great selection of books for reading as well as books with ideas for March Break Activities!
DK Canada March Break Sale

Visit Knit Wit by Shair for more March Break Activities.

What fun activities do you have planned for March Break?


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5 Responses to March Break Activities at Home

  1. Shari Goss says:

    We may have to come do some of these when we run out of our lists!

  2. Lynda Noack- Cook says:

    I used to love doing arts and crafts with my girls, now I have to wait for my granddaughter to get a little bet older so I can do them with her, I still have my very large tote full of everything you need to let your imagination run wild, and the dollar store is the perfect place to buy everything you need

  3. kathy downey says:

    I love doing art and crafts with the kids,always amazed at how creative they are

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