The Nut Job {APP REVIEW}

Did you know that the movie The Nut Job is being released tomorrow? I have the perfect way to get your kids excited about seeing the movie!

There is a Nut Job app!

You can see the app in action here:

The story features the characters voices and is quite long, which is good to captivate an older audience. There are no special effects or features other than the fact that as the words are read aloud, they are highlighted, which I love! The story, like the rest of the app is very easy to navigate with forward and backward arrows.


  • Whack a Rat
  • Acron Scramble
  • Squirrel Bounce
  • Gone Nuts

Each game starts off with a 1-screen cartoon that reads out loud for children who cannot yet read, which I really liked. This means that my 5 year old son will be able to understand the cartoon. I found the instructions for the games to be very easy to follow, and the games were almost self explanatory making them fun, but not too challenging for younger kids. One aspect that I found to be missing was a question mark that one could press to listen to the game instructions again if they were missed the first time.
Whack a Rat and Acorn Scramble are cute games that any child could love. I loved how Acorn Scramble was set up so that a child gets some help visioning what path their acorn will take.
I quite enjoyed the Squirrel Bounce game as it requires a child to work on their hand/eye coordination, a skill that is important to develop.

I personally found the Gone Nuts game to be a bit frustrating. You are required to swap the nuts in order to get 3-in-a-row, however, not every nut would swap for me and so I found I wanted to quit playing that game rather quickly.

I definitely found the app very easy to navigate through with the navigation buttons to be clear and large.

The colouring app is set up for younger children to succeed. Whatever part of the image you touch first is what will be coloured. You can select different colours, colouring mediums (brush, crayon, chalk, spray, bucket) and stickers to decorate each colouring page. There are six pages to choose from.

Naturally, one of the choices is to watch a trailer to get excited to watch the movie itself!

Play with the app today, then see the movie in theaters January 17th!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Joann says:

    Oh, a fresh new vehicle to drive! So nice. I would definitely consider this Honda the next time we need a new vehicle. Having a van is so handy with all that stuff that accompanies kids!

  2. Joann says:

    Good for you! Your scarf is beautiful! And DK has such great books. I am currently reading a couple – one to learn to run and one about improving memory!

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    This looks like a fun app for kids!

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