No More Cracked Fingers this Winter Thanks to @SheaButterMkt {#GIVEAWAY}

About a month ago, I took on a new job as the Social Media Manager for Shea Butter Market, a company that makes natural, organic skin care products for the entire family! I took the job without having tried the products, which in hind sight might not have been a smart move, but luckily I trust the MommiesFirst Council, where I first learned of Shea Butter Market and it has turned out beautifully because I ADORE their products.

My favourite product are their Pure Shea Butter products. While they aren’t as convenient as we are used to as far as squeezing cream out of a tube and lathering on, once you get used to the concept and you realize just how incredible the PURE SHEA BUTTER is for your skin, you will be just a sold as I was!

Shea Butter Application
is as easy as

Step 1:
Open the jar, use the mini paddle that is included in the jar to scoop out a small amount of Shea Butter.

Step 2:
Rub the small amount of Shea Butter in between your fingers or your hands for a couple of seconds and feel it literally melt at your finger tips.

Step 3:
Apply the Shea Butter wherever you want happy skin!

Ironically, a few days prior to receiving our package, my son’s cheeks broke out in a bumpy, dry rash from the colder weather that we had been experiencing. Within 3 applications of Shea Butter (over a couple of days), the rash on my son’s cheeks were gone. I have noticed that whenever we skip a day of applying the Shea Butter, his cheeks get noticeably worse!

By this time in the year, my hands are raw with dry, sore skin and the skin around my nails is cracked, bleeding and painful! Thanks to Shea Butter, my hands are not cracked, sore or bleeding at all! I do have to keep applying the Shea Butter throughout the day, BUT the fact that I am not in pain and they are not chapped is truly a miracle to me!

I also have been trying out two other products from Shea Butter Market: Shea Butter Hand Cream and Shea Butter Foot Cream.

My feet were starting to feel neglected and like my hands, they are often dry and cracked! I love the tingly feeling of the foot cream and it is definitely working at keeping my feet moisturized.

The cream comes in a squeezable tube and is quite thick. I am actually preferring using the Pure Shea Butter, but after talking to many people about this, including Gifty, the founder of Shea Butter Market, it is truly a personal preference.

About PURE Shea Butter
Shea Butter is an “age-defying miracle cream” that is rich in vitamins A & E. This butter is smooth and literally melts into the body providing healing, anti-aging nourishment. Sustainably collected and naturally extracted, Shea Butter goes through no refining and has a natural nutty scent that is unique to the Shea seed. It can be safely used for the whole family (including babies).

Prize: A $50 Credit towards purchasing Shea Butter Market products
(free shipping included if all used in the same transaction)
Open to: Canadian Residents (must be age of majority in place of residence)
Giveaway Starts: December 5, 2013 8:00AM EST
Giveaway Ends: December 23, 2013 11:59pm EST

Shea Butter Market Information

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