Making Kids Feel Important

Kids are often not taken seriously, their ideas are “child-like”, right?!


At least that is what hubby’s boss feels, and I do too.

A little while ago, my husband’s company changed office buildings. His boss has poured his heart and soul into designing the new office space to be welcoming and ideal for all who work there.

When my daughter found out that they were designing the office from the ground up, she decided that she would send hubby’s boss some ideas. She wrote him a letter including a LONG list of ideas, many were practical ideas, and some were over the top fun.

Once the new office was complete, and everyone was settled in, we were invited to visit on one of the kids’ PA Days. My husband’s boss took a few hours out of his very busy schedule to welcome us, but it didn’t stop there. He sat us down in their gorgeous board room and had the kids go through their suggestion lists to see which ideas he had used and to make a mental note of some more that he could put into place in the future. Some of the ideas were really cute, like a roof top pool and some were more practical, like having a special room for kids for when they come visit the office.

This man listened and treated this discussion with as much weight and importance as an office meeting. He made the kids feel important, like their opinions mattered (which they do). It truly was a heart-warming experience!

My son is on the shy side when he doesn’t know someone very well, so he didn’t participate too much in the conversation, however, he did whisper a brilliant idea to me towards the end. He thought that they should have a movie popcorn maker.

A couple of weeks later, hubby sent me a photo…

Talk about making my son feel special!

I like the fact that hubby’s boss is a man of his word. AND I also love how special he made my kids feel!

I’m sure the staff at hubby’s company is loving the idea too!

Thank you to a very kind and caring boss and a special person! You have made my children feel so important and special, a gift that keeps on giving forever.

Do you have a story to share where a child has been treated well like this?

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2 Responses to Making Kids Feel Important

  1. Victoria Ess says:

    What a lovely story!

  2. Sanny Overhill says:

    I think that’s a wonderful story. And I couldn’t agree more. Children are the most important beings on Earth, and deserve to know so. They are wiser and more competent than given credit for, and I daresay the central issue with this world is the cruel and insensitive way it treats children and child rearing.

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