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It never fails that at this time of the year, I start realizing how much stuff we have, and how many toys my boys have. It always seems like no matter how much I get rid of it always seems messy. I do my best to organize ahead of time so that when we get all the new gifts from family and friends we have a “home” for each item.

Hubby is a very organized person, and I have places for my things. I have been working hard with our older 2 boys. But the youngest was doing really well for a while, but then all of a sudden he stopped. He is 3 and likes to take everything out and lay it on the floor, which makes me dread all the new toys he will be getting for Christmas!

I bought all kinds of bins, and he uses those to stand on. I find them all over the house as stools! My next thought was to make labels, but it seemed like it was going to be a lot of work especially if he decided to rip them all off.

When I was given the chance to check out the Brother P-Touch PT-D200, I thought this would save me time and get me organized!

I promptly went to my son’s room and started labelling! I love how easy this labeller was to load and start using! I had it open and printing labels in under 5 minutes and I didn’t have to call hubby for help! That tells you it was simple!

It seems like this time of year almost of all of us need to cut time, I found this labeller really helped! I was able to do a bunch of labels for his room and then set him to filling the boxes.

I love that they have symbols on them! I think I have a few more I could suggest, but they do have a huge selection. I labelled his car bin, and his drawers, his books and more. I am helping him learn to clean his room, and bonus it helped with speech and reading. He sees the word socks, beside the picture of a sock and is learning to read it!

We are planning to use this labeller to label the boys’ toys after they are opened up. With 3 boys in a 3 1/2 yr age range we have a lot of cross over toys! It’s hard to keep them apart.

I am using it to label my Christmas cookies in the freezer, so I know which cookies are in which containers!

After Christmas comes New Years, and then resolutions! I want to be organized, and my craft room is on my 2014 goal list. I put things in the bins I have but never have a way to know what is in each bin, it ends up just sitting on the floor or on a table so I can see what’s in the bin. Often, I find the bins are empty and the yarn is sitting in the cubby the bin goes in so I can see what type of yarn it is.

This labeller has all sorts of pictures to make it easier to label, it has different fonts, you can do 2 lines of type, and you make your labels as fancy as you want. So far I have only done fairly basic labels, but will get fancy in my craft room for sure!

Where would you use your Brother P-Touch?

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Open to: Canadian Residents (must be age of majority in place of residence)

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Shari from The Knit Wit by Shair is a Mom of 3 boys, a Nascar fan, an amazing crafty lady and a good friend. Thanks for testing out the Brother P-Touch and for sharing this post with my readers, Shari!

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