Twitter Party Tuesday #WeLoveMommy – Part 1

For Mother’s Day, I was spoiled with gifts, but I have to say that my absolute favourite gifts were the ones that were made with love!

Last week, I co-hosted two Twitter Parties/Chats and helped out with a third, so I was a busy little tweep and as a result, my family knew about it. Usually Twitter events are held after my children are in bed, but last week, one of them was right at bedtime, another was after bed and the third was a “live tweeting event” so I had to leave the house at dinner time.

The day that I left, hubby and the kids took full advantage of the time without me and one of the things that they did was create a Twitter Party (ficticious) called #WeLoveMommy. I laughed while I read it, I smiled and I almost cried!

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the Twitter Party with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as though you were really there!


#WeLoveMommy Twitter Party

Stay tuned next week for Part 2….

What was your favourite part of Mother’s Day?

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One Response to Twitter Party Tuesday #WeLoveMommy – Part 1

  1. Aw – my heart is melting – such a nice family.

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