Our Home is Getting Older and So Are Our Appliances

We bought our house in the fall of 2003, a few months after we got married. I still remember the sheer excitement when I realized that yet another dream had come true, my husband and I had purchased our first home.

Our home was only a few years old when we bought it so everything was in great condition. The furnace, air conditioner, washer and dryer and kitchen appliances were all in good condition, so I was pretty confident that we wouldn’t have to pay for any appliance repair for quite some time.

In 2006 our washing machine broke, but honestly, despite the financial side of things, I wasn’t disappointed as it was really smelly and it wasn’t cleaning our clothes effectively.

Now, almost 10 years after buying our home, things are starting to break and are in need of repair. It seems like everything is starting to “go” at once which is a rather overwhelming thing to think about.

I just discovered this week, our low end stove that has served us so well and really owes us nothing, now has a broken button. Luckily it is just the “cap” on the button, so it still works, but I figure it is only a matter of time before more parts start to go. My hubby was funny because, as soon as I showed him what had happened, he said, “Great, you are going to use this button as an excuse to need a new stove, aren’t you?

Well, no, not exactly, but it definitely is time to start thinking about what I would buy if we did need one. The oven is something I definitely couldn’t live without. In fact, when I asked people on Facebook what their #1 kitchen appliance that they couldn’t live without was, I had to agree with my friend Shari from The Knit Wit by Shair, when she said it was her oven!

So the question is:

Do I go with gas or electric?
Glass top or Traditional Burners?


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7 Responses to Our Home is Getting Older and So Are Our Appliances

  1. Guppy says:

    We replaced our old stove with a glass top and love it! As we are short on counter space it has been a life saver at times. I would have loved to switch my stove and hot water tank to gas but the costs to retro fit would be outrageous so we are sticking to electric.

    My 2 cents regarding fridges,if you’re in the market, is to spend the extra for the water/ice dispensor. I swear my son wouldnt prefer water over any other beverage if he hadnt been raised with the easy (and fun) access.

  2. Wendy S says:

    I can’t tell you much about glass-top but I do know that it looks pretty. I do know that if you want to go with a gas stove, your stove hood must vent to the outside of your house.

  3. My husband who is a chef would say go with the gas – it gives you the move control. However, I think you should use what you feel most comfortable with. You want to love it 🙂

  4. The stove we inherited with our new house has a gas stove with a glasstop. It is equipped with a fan connected to the outside. It is very easy to cook on although I find that it never looks as clean as I would like it to, the fan doesn’t always work that well (and sometimes I feel cold air coming in from outside!) and sometimes the burners seem to go out on their own. I didn’t control the installation so I think that would be important as otherwise I really like my current stove!

  5. Hollie says:

    I have a gas range and love it but it is old, my sis has a glass top range and she loves it.

  6. Cheryl L says:

    I would say to go with gas as well but I am only speaking from feedback I’ve heard from friends. We don’t have one but will get one in a few years as our stove is very old!

  7. I would go with gas for my next stove for the control, but right now I have a glass topped electric stove and it’s really great! It’s so easy to clean.

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