Moving and Easy Meals Day 3: Slow Cooker Pizza

Alison is now on Day 3 of her “Easy Meals leading up to her move” adventure!

Feel free to read about her Slow Cooker meals for:
Day 1: Salsa Chicken
Day 2: Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Day 3: Slow Cooker Pizza

Pizza in the Crockpot

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for Alison regarding:
moving with a baby
moving in general
cooking with a crockpot

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9 Responses to Moving and Easy Meals Day 3: Slow Cooker Pizza

  1. Home made beans in the crock pot are awesome. You need a pack of Navy beans (can be found at walmart). Soak them over night (8hrs), come morning pick out any bad ones and then boil them for 30 minutes. Pour them into the crock pot. Add 1 1/2 cups ketchup, 1/2 cup molasses, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1-2 chopped onions, a tablespoon of mustard, pound of bacon cut in pieces. Toss in all those ingredients and set the cooker to high for 6-8 hours. They turn out DELICOUS! Good luck on the move. Let me know if you try the beans out. ( You can get at least 2 or more meals out of the beans and great for breakfast too )

  2. Guppy says:

    Basic stew is easy in a crockpot. Cubed potato, carrots, onion and cubed beef, pork or chicken. Add some tomato sauce, shot of steak sauce or tabasco for some zip and let it cook all day. Some buttered buns and salad (use the bagged for ease) and your done!

  3. What a great recipe! I would not have thought that you could make pizza in a crock-pot! Now I’m excited to try!

  4. Victoria S says:

    I never thought of making pizza in a crock-pot! Thanks for the link

    Victoria Ess

  5. Soozle says:

    What a cool idea! I would NEVER have thought of pizza in the crockpot – very much something i need to try!

    Thank you for sharing

  6. kathy downey says:

    It sure does sound delicious

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