Get Things Done with the @KutotoCanada App

What is Kutoto?

Kutoto is a location-based iPhone app that let’s you outsource your errands, tasks, and chores to trusted local people (“providers”).

Kutoto can make your life easier!

Here is how it works, it’s easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Post a request for tasks you need done.
  2. Chat with local providers to agree on a price.
  3. Pay your provider safely, right in the app.

We live in such a fast paced world and it is often difficult to find the time to get certain jobs done.

Perhaps you are new to your area and don’t have friends and neighbours you can call on for some help around your house. Maybe you have a task that requires more technical knowledge than you currently have. Or, perhaps you would like something made for you that you don’t have the time or knowledge to do for yourself. This is where Kutoto comes into good use.

Currently, if you live in Montreal or the Toronto area, Kutoto is up and running, ready to be used. The founders hope to have it spread across the country at a future date.

What I really like about Kutoto is that they background check, interview and train all of their Trusted Providers. This way, you know you aren’t just getting someone random person who signs up to say they are qualified to get your job done.

Check out how you can get things done easily by using the Kutoto App:

Some sample “jobs” that you can list to have done for you are:

  • errands
  • household chores
  • computer help
  • walking your dog
  • painting your house

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8 Responses to Get Things Done with the @KutotoCanada App

  1. Soozle says:

    Eeep! Somehow, this just seems to weird for me. While I would LOVE to have someone else do my errands for me – I just don’t think I would be comfortable with this…

    • I understand what you are saying, but I’m sure there are some people with disabilities or who are older that have no choice and cannot do all of their errands for themselves. This service is also a great way to find local “contractors” who can paint, do small house up keep etc.

    • Thank you for finding Kutoto multi-testing mommy and sharing with us!!
      I got too spoiled using task rabbit in the US for everything, and I was trying to find a similar app in Canada! it’s like having a personal assistant on demand for a low price!! already requested a house cleaning and closet/pantry organization
      Can’t wait to get the service done! I will post the review here!

    • Thanks Manuele – we would love to hear how it goes!

  2. Victoria S says:

    A neat idea! It wouldn’t be something I would do (I am so overly paranoid about safety, despite the whole trusted providers bit), but I will keep it in mind in case someone I know is looking for an extra pair of hands.

  3. I was skeptical too in the beginning to try this service. The first task I requested was a virtual one; someone helped me to put my old stuff on eBay and we both made a good amount of money. I chatted and paid through the app and I never saw her in person. After I was more comfortable I put in a request for IKEA delivery and assembly and the guy that came was so helpful! It is like any other services provider that comes to your house but more personal because they are people in your local community. We even had a mutual friend!

  4. Deanna T. says:

    That is such a cool concept. I will be keeping on eye on if this spreads into southwestern Ontario.

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