@WindMobile Asks: What Would You Do With An Extra $336 In Your Pocket?

WIND Mobile has announced the launch of new unlimited, monthly-rate plans!

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The new unlimited plans offered are:

  • WIND 20: Unlimited Talk + Text for $20, with $100 WINDtab subsidy.
  • WIND 30: Unlimited Data, Talk + Text for $30, with $200 WINDtab subsidy.
  • WIND 40: International, Unlimited Data, Talk + Text, with $300 WINDtab subsidy.

It looks like there is something for everyone!

Do you own a cell phone? What kind of plan do you currently have?

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5 Responses to @WindMobile Asks: What Would You Do With An Extra $336 In Your Pocket?

  1. Victoria S says:

    I own a cell phone and I’m currently with Telus — I don’t have an unlimited, but I have a pretty good $50 plan that I ‘bargained’ for. I would have loved to have signed up with Wind, but they don’t have coverage in my area.

    What about yourself?

  2. Those are pretty good deals.

  3. janjill says:

    The average for Canadian is a lot lower than here in the States, we are at about $72.00. I represent a new Company here called Solavei that is saving us a lot at $49.00 Unlimited and is about to go into Europe.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have a Samsung Nexus phone and I am already with Wind Mobile. I have unlimited everything and the price is awesome!! We cancelled our home line and now my cell is our main line. Saves us lots of cash!

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