Travelling with a Baby – Are we Crazy?

This Guest Post was submitted by Alison a Mom to a 5 month old baby. You can read her bio here. Please help her by sharing your experiences about travelling with a baby in the comments below! She is a new Mom in need of some support.

At the end of February, my family (myself, my husband, my five month old and my parents) are travelling to California for a wedding. We plan to attend the wedding in Santa Barbara and then drive to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and then end up in Phoenix.

Are we crazy?

Many moms that I have been speaking with have all reassured me that ‘this is
the BEST time to travel with a baby’ and that we will be just fine.

I am however skeptical – maybe it’s the scientist in me (I have a background in environmental chemistry).

Here’s what’s been going through my mind…

What is flying like with a baby?

  • Can I bring the car seat on the plane?
  • What about our stroller?
  • Can I breastfeed while taking off and landing?
  • How will people react if our LO cries the whole way?
  • What items are a must to bring with me on board?

How will pumping ‘look’ on the road?

Should I wait to introduce solids until after we return? My LO has already started to stare at us intently as we eat!

  • If we have already started her on solids, what will I need to bring?
  • How will I wash and sterilize items?

Should I bring a carrier too?

What should I pack? After all, we’re going to be traversing several climates from what I’ve read.

Am I crazy to bring a baby to Vegas? We don’t gamble – it’s more just to see what it’s all about.

I have other questions too but these are a few that are at the front of my mind currently.

I anxiously await your thoughts and opinions!

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12 Responses to Travelling with a Baby – Are we Crazy?

  1. Mama Ash says:

    Bring a carrier! It makes life so much easier when traveling. You can also nurse in your carrier but may have to take it off when you get in your seat. I forget if I had to on WestJet?

    The stroller will be stowed away, I believe some car rental places have car seats for rent as well when traveling.

    You’ll want to breast feed upon take off and landing to help alleviate the ears from popping. It is your right to breast feed wherever and whenever.

    Bring whatever little items your baby likes to play with as is. Books, teething things. I’m sure baby will sleep most of the time anyways.

    Don’t worry! Bring some little snacks maybe things like Baby Gourmet? Have you given baby purees?

  2. Cheryl L says:

    Definitely bring a carrier like Ash said. It allows you to be hands free when going through security and filling out forms at the airport.

    Many car rental places will have car seats available for rent. Although you can also rent from baby equipment companies too if you need more than a car seat (they have strollers, play yards etc).

    You’re not crazy to bring a baby to Vegas. Although it isn’t the most family friendly city there are lots of things to do with a baby (or children) there. My family has vacationed in LV and we aren’t big gamblers either.

    If you need any tips or have questions feel free to email me 😉


  3. I think all you need to do is some research and planning and you will have a great trip. It’s good to escape and travel even if you have a baby so no, you are not crazy. Enjoy!

  4. Jodi Shaw says:

    Wow a lot of questions but great ones for sure.

    Bring a carrier. Most hotels have playpens, blankets, bottle warmers and changing areas. The bottom line is you will bring what you think and it will never be enough haha. My top five must have’s

    Medications for baby, band-aids, ear thermometer check with flights to see what you are allowed. Extra clothing rolled up instead of folded flat for easier storage, Sunscreen and protection as Vegas gets extremely hot, stroller, advil for mom lol

    Hope you have a great trip. Also there are many friendly hotels that cater to kids.

  5. My little one is 2 1/2 and has been flying since she was about 5 months old. Her next flight is next week actually (she loves that she gets her own seat now)

    Check your car seat with your baggage, don’t bring it on the plane with you. Many of them don’t fit properly anyways and it’s just one more thing for you to juggle. And if you haven’t paid for the extra seat you can’t take it on anyways. Honestly, if you are renting a car bring your own car seat! Those rental ones are not regulated and they don’t come installed so it’s easier if you use your own.

    Bring a carrier for sure. They always come in handy!

    Absolutely you can breastfeed during take off and landing. You have to hold your little one facing you anyways so it’s pretty easy.

    Bring your stroller right to the plane, they will stow it for you and bring it out when you get off the plane.

    And don’t stress about other people. You will be just fine. You really will.

  6. Oh I forgot to add, you cannot wear your little one through security, at least not at any airport we’ve been through, and you have to take the carrier or wrap right off, not just take the baby out of it. Not a big deal, just be prepared for that.

  7. Brandi Yee says:

    I’ve actually never traveled far with my kids when they were babies, aside from driving 8 hours with my son when he was 4 months old for a funeral. I agree with the others, bring a carrier so it’s not as stressful for you. Snacks and toys are key too!

  8. Sny Med says:

    I wish you good luck on your trip! I would recommend you bring baby medicine and even baby suppositories, just in case.

    We took my then 7-month old to Jamaica, and he suddenly got VERY sick with a burning hot fever. It was one of the most frightening times in my life. He could not keep down his medicine that I brought, so I sought medical help and got baby suppositories that were a life saver!

    Have a great trip, and always be prepared!


  9. Viv Sluys says:

    When in Vegas you will probably need to give baby water as well as milk, so bring a sippy cup or bottle for water Keep a wet hat on her/his head if you are out in the heat. (I was there with a baby in July so it might not be as hot if you are going soon).
    Pumping on the road: How do you pump? By hand, hand held manual pump…? I have pumped just before feeding time (never much in advance) and then given a bottle. I also have nursed babies while in the car (with both baby and myself still buckled in our seats of course!) It actually works quite well.

  10. Kathleen B. says:

    We took my daughter Vegas when she was 6 months old. It worked totally fine. It is a great age to travel with as she was interested in things but not mobile enough to get into too much trouble.

    You can only take a car seat on the plane if you have purchased a seat for her. If she is flying for free and sitting on your lap then you can’t bring it inside. We took the car seat and stroller right up to the gate and gate checked everything as they allow it through security. I fed her for one of the take off or landings but she slept through the others and I did not wake her.

    Car companies do rent car seats but I have good and bad stories about them so we brought our own. Just remember to bring an H clip as cars vary on whether you need one or not.

    We waited to start solids until we got back although she was showing some interest. If you do start solids before going do not introduce any new ones 3 days prior or during the trip.

    Yes bring a carrier. Sometimes it is easier to walk with it instead of the stroller and it is nice to have the flexibility.

    We took my daughter camping at 3 months, on a road trip and 4 months and then the Vegas trip mentioned above at 6 months. Just be prepared to be flexible.

  11. Staring while you eat is not an indication of being ready for food. Babies naturally stare, take in, and want to mimic everything they can. Including eating the same foods we eat in front of them everyday.

    I highly recommend looking into Baby Led Weaning and skipping pureed foods all together… unless you think you will enjoy the battle of teaching baby how to eat twice, which is what feeding purees does. You would be surprised at what they can chew with their gums! (just about everything)

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck with the trip!

  12. No advice for flying with a baby/toddler/child as we choose to drive the 5,000km with our kids (and have done so for the past three years, since they were 10 months).

    I think that it’s so great that you’re going to travel as a family. As long as you go for a “short-ish” period of time, whatever doesn’t work will be over before you know it and you can plan differently for next time.

    I hope that you update us on how things went. Buen viaje!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

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