A Hot Beverage Topped with Chocolate Sauce from @BuyCoffeeCanada

It’s no secret, I love coffee! Did you know something else? I also have a sweet tooth!

I will drink coffee any way, but it is definitely a treat when I can make a specialty coffee topped with CHOCOLATE!!!

BuyCoffeeCanada.com sent me the most smooth, delicious and amazing Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce! It is honestly the best chocolate sauce out of a bottle I have ever had!

Check out the delicious hot drink that I made over the holidays:

I made a cappucinno with BuyCoffeeCanada’s very own Windsor Blend with some froth and chocolate syrup on top!

My shipment arrived so quickly, I was very impressed. My favourite thing to do when I open up a coffee shipment is to open the box and take a long, deep breath in. Mmmmmmm the smell of freshly roasted coffee is so yummy!

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2 Responses to A Hot Beverage Topped with Chocolate Sauce from @BuyCoffeeCanada

  1. Like you, those are my 2 favorite treats. Together is a dream. That looks so very delicious!

  2. Victoria S says:

    Ohhh that looks so so so good…

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