Make Money with the *NEW* @FieldAgentCA APP {REV!EW}

With the holidays quickly approaching, most families are spending more money than their budgets are used to!

Do you own an iPhone?!

If you do, you should install this FREE app that allows you to sign up for quick and easy jobs that you get paid for! Yes, you read that right – this is an APP that you actually get paid to use!

In just one year since launch, Field Agent Canada has grown to a network of nearly 12,000 Field Agents across the country supporting many of Canada’s top brands and retailers.

Paid opps include:

  • Price Checks
  • Retail Audits
  • In-Store Photos
  • Check In-Stocks
  • In-Store Review
  • New Item Analysis

There are also opportunities for:

  • Surveys
  • Opinion Polls
  • Media Reviews
  • Customer Experience
  • Mystery Shopping
  • In Home Photos

Agents earn a minimum of $2.00 for each assignment and some jobs can range up to $50.00 or more. Once the job is completed, Agents are paid through their PayPal account, often within just 24 hours of completing a successful job.

I completed a job yesterday that required me to walk into a specific store, find out how a product was displayed, take two photos and fill out a quick sentence or two about what I saw. It took me 5 minutes to complete and the payout was $5.50. Easy peasy!

The app allows you to enter your location and select how far you are willing to travel in order to complete a job. The job that I selected was VERY close to my home which was so convenient.

I simply had to go into a specific store location, find a product and report how it was displayed. To show how it was displayed, I was required to take to photos and at the end, I was required to fill in a short question.

Today, here are my available opportunities in the parameters that I pre-set:

This is a fun opportunity that could definitely help to earn you some extra money! Payout goes directly to your paypal account, once you request it and it usually happens within 24 hours. You do not need to accumulate a certain amount of money prior to requesting payout, which is definitely an added bonus.

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One Response to Make Money with the *NEW* @FieldAgentCA APP {REV!EW}

  1. Amber says:

    Can’t wait until there are some jobs in my area! There was one in London ont the other day, but that’s a bit of a drive. Love the map feature so you can see how close the jobs are to you. super useful for stores you might be unfamiliar with. 🙂

    Amber Y

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