Gift Ideas from Crayola

In the summertime, my children and I were able to attend a Toys R Us vendor display where the kids and I were able to test out many great toys from a large variety of companies.

The one toy that stood out to my 7 year old daughter, who loves arts and crafts, was the Crayola Marker Airbrush. We had so much fun putting in regular Crayola Markers (something we have A LOT of in our house), using the stencils and spraying to make a variety of creations.

This Marker Airbrush of course creates washable marks (gotta love Crayola markers for this!!!) on a variety of surfaces so easily! AND, as a bonus, it doesn’t use batteries! It is used with a hand pump motion.

Check it out in action here:

Drawing with a digital stylus, the Digital Light Designer is a super fun activity for creative kids without the need for paper! I don’t know about your household, but my children go through paper like water. So, to have the ability to create and admire on something digital is a great way to save the environment! I love how children can save up to 50 of their digital creations. They can also animate, add text, play games and more!

Check it out in action here:

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  1. kathy downey says:

    I believe the Crayola Marker Airbrush is the only crayola product we have not tried !!

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