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Toon Goggles is a free app for children that streams a ton of child safe cartoons from around the world. By signing up for a free account, you can mark favourite videos for viewing another time, however you do not require an account to watch the free videos. A free account allows you to watch the first 3 episode of every series and ALL of the episodes in the educational category. You also have the option to upgrade your account to a Premium account for $4.99/month. This provides you with even more cartoon selection!

I love how the cartoons are organized by genre including Boys, Girls, Action, Comedy, PreSchool and Educational. There are so many shows to choose from, it is nice to have them categorized. Cartoons range in length from short mini clips to full length episodes.

Videos are also organized in three different ways within each category: new, most popular and A-Z.

There are so many features that are found in this app that make it fun and user friendly. One of my favourites is the “Jump” button that is located front and center on every video that allows you to “jump” to a suggested cartoon for viewing next.

There are options to search for videos by various search terms as well as saving videos for offline viewing!

Here is a great video that shares with you in a bit more detail exactly how Tune Goggles works:

Toon Goggles website is COPPA compliant (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) and has a strictly enforced screening process to ensure that all content presented is clean and safe for children to watch. If a child under the age of 13 wishes to sign up, Toon Goggles highly suggests that parents review the site first making sure they are comfortable with their kids’ browsing experience.

I am pretty picky about what shows my children are allowed to watch and in my review of this app, I did not come across anything that I found to be inappropriate for them.

IMPORTANT Information for Parents: Streaming videos using date on your device will cost you a lot of date usage, so unless you have a large data plan (or unlimited), be sure to connect to wifi prior to watching these videos!

This app is such a convenient thing to have on your phone as a parent for those times when you need instant entertainment to keep your child happy. Not that I recommend you throw your mobile device at them all of the time, but there is definitely a time and a place when I believe that it is a nice option to have.

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