One Mom’s Honest Experience with Premature Birth

About Sara
Life is crazy with a baby and a toddler only 18 months apart. They keep me busy and my main goal is to keep them busy. Not only am I a Mom, but I am also a wife and when time permits I look forward to time with my husband. Occasionally I even get some time to myself. When I do find time to myself, I’m enjoying blogging and sharing our family adventures and day to day life. You can find Sara on her blog at Mom on the Move, on Facebook and Twitter.

I find peace and solace in writing. When I was put on bed rest during my second pregnancy and had to stay in a hospital far away from friends and family I started chronicling everything in a journal. When my son was born 8 weeks early, I continued writing to him and to my 2-year-old daughter; partly so that I would remember everything, but also to find a way to express myself amidst the chaos.

When I saw that November was Prematurity Awareness Month I knew that I wanted to share part of my story and our experiences with having a premature baby. A friend recently told me that when she looks at my son she forgets that he was a preemie. In some ways I do as well, but I don’t forget everything that we went through to get to this point.

I’m sharing our story so that others can know some of the difficulties that parents of premature babies go through. And as always I’m sharing our story for my own personal therapy. A few friends of preemies have told me that the memories never fully go away, perhaps just waiting for certain triggers. By writing and sharing I am simply releasing the hold those memories have had on me.

My son turns one in a few weeks and he is our gift. Every day he reminds me to be thankful for all that we have. We are truly blessed.

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This is a Guest Post written by Sara.

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