Nursing Moms: Get Comfortable with @Bamboobies {REV!EW and G!VEAWAY}

This Guest Review has been written by Alison, a new Mom!

I have been so lucky to have a sister who already has two children of her own as I have received so many hand-me-downs. One such hand-me-down was my sister’s washable breast pads. Being a graduate of an Environmental Science Program, I am always looking for ways to reduce my ecological footprint. I was keen to use these washable pads but soon became frustrated, as they would leak through each night to my pajama shirts. Not only was it annoying to have to wash my pajamas and clothes every day but also I didn’t think it was great to have sore nipples sitting against damp cotton all night/day. It was also frustrating as while the pads washed well, they did not dry quickly and I always ended up having to hang them all over the nursery – not a pretty site and quite annoying. I have been using disposable breast pads ever since which are costly and end up in the garbage each morning.

When I was given a pair of Bamboobies to try, I was immediately excited simply due to the fact that they were in the shape of a heart – I’m a sucker for stuff like that. I was skeptical, however I gave them a try after washing and drying them (no need to hang dry!!).
They are very thin which I like as they don’t bunch nearly as much as my sister’s cotton pads which were in the shape of a circle. I woke for a middle of the night feeding without any leakage through to my pajamas too!

My one caution to nursing Moms is that if using creams be careful with any material pad as your nipple can become slightly stuck to the fabric. Other than that, these breast pads keep me feeling way less guilty and feeling dry and pretty at the same time. I have already ordered 6 more pairs in the hot pink, light pink and black colour options.

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8 Responses to Nursing Moms: Get Comfortable with @Bamboobies {REV!EW and G!VEAWAY}

  1. these would have been great for all those months when I was nursing!

  2. esahm says:

    My favorite tip is to make sure you get a shower each day. No matter how poorly the day is going, I always make sure I get showered and dressed. It instantly makes me feel refreshed and ready to deal with the boys again!

  3. Similar to having a shower each day, I also recommend getting dressed every day, whether you are going out or not. It will keep you in routine and get you back out there sooner!

  4. Try not to stress too much. Everything will be ok, and follow your heart not the advice everyone is giving you!

  5. It’s all normal. It will all be so much better in a couple of weeks.

  6. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!! When my second child came home, he would not eat. I called the doctor, and the hospital, and both said, ‘when he get’s hungry, he’ll eat’ I knew something was wrong with this, but you want to trust the doctor… well, after 2 1/2 days, I’m FREAKED out, so I called A DIFFERENT hospital, who told me to come immediately. My son was kept in the NICU for a week for failure to eat, and we barely avoided a tube down his throat. The BEST thing you can do is trust yourself. You will KNOW if something isn’t right. And if you feel EVEN A TWINGE of uncertainty about something your doctor, or someone else says, ASK SOMEONE DIFFERENT. It’s YOUR child!!!

  7. My one word of advice is to snuggle and hold that wee one as much as you want. It goes too fast. You will never regret the time you took to snuggle.

  8. Do what’s best for your child. It’s your child, no one else’s. Put your child first.

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