Do You Want to Parent with NO Nagging, Yelling or Reminding?

Last night, I hosted an amazing, eye opening (for many who attended) Webinar. The topic was Parenting.

Parenting is a very broad topic, so to narrow it down, Amy McCready provided us with a few tips to get us moving forward in our parenting journey with:

No Nagging, No Yelling and No Reminding

How does that sound? Sounds good to me!

If I had a penny for every time that I had to repeat my requests, nag my children and yes, I will admit that unfortunately I have yelled….

I Would Be Rich!

Parenting expert, Amy McCready has created an incredibly useful Parenting Course that is jam packed full of useful tools, tips and resources. In her course, she reveals a Parenting Toolbox full of tricks to help parents learn how to manage childrens’ behaviour in a calm, fair way.
We all want to stay calm. We all want to be fair. We all want to be the best parents we can be. Yet, because parenting is the toughest job any of us will ever have, sometimes we need some guidance along the way. Amy can be your guide. I am so happy and honoured to have Amy as my guide. I trust her and her advice! She has already helped me so much.

If you missed the Webinar last night, don’t fret, you can have access to the same After Webinar SPECIAL DISCOUNT where you can upgrade from the Bronze level membership to the Silver Level OR from the Silver Level to the Gold FREE OF CHARGE and you can receive a 10% DISCOUNT!

If you are the type of parent who likes to read information or who attends workshops etc. in order to become the best parent you can be, investing in Amy’s course is no more money than 10 books over the course of your parenting career. Except, you have access to her for life (with the Gold Membership), you get 42 Training Videos, 25+ tools, access to “Ask Amy Phone Calls” each week, Specialty Training Modules (including Curing Bedtime Blues, Taming Morning Mania, Why Can’t These Kids Get Along to name only a few) AND MORE.

The way I see it, our children are with us for life. We are parents for life and as we know all children go through phases where some things are more challenging than others. With Amy’s course, now I have access to her wealth of knowledge and advice for life!

Do you know a parent of a 2 year old up to a Teen who is struggling? This would make the best Christmas gift, not only for them, but for the entire family! Just sayin’!

This offer expires TONIGHT!!!
What: Receive 10% off the entire course PLUS upgrade one level FREE of CHARGE!
How: Visit Positive Parenting Solutions and when purchasing, enter Coupon Code: mtm10
The Best Part: There is a RISK FREE 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE so you literally have nothing to lose!

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9 Responses to Do You Want to Parent with NO Nagging, Yelling or Reminding?

  1. mamawee says:

    thanks for sharing this – if I ever upgrade my computer, I will for sure look into her program!

  2. I haven’t started nagging my little guy yet (he’s just 1) but this is a great program to look into when he gets older. Actually, maybe I can learn to stop nagging my husband! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing!! Will check it

  4. I enjoyed the seminar last night, some good tips on how to put an end to bad behaviour

  5. Denise G says:

    I don’t have any children – but if I did I would have been at that webinar – thanks for sharing!

  6. So sorry I missed last night, definitely know it could have helped me, been sick these last couple of days. Will have to look this up to see when I can attend another webinar!

  7. I totally meant to attend a bit of this but that Twitter party I had to attend was just too crazy. I MUST make the next one!

  8. Sounds like a fantastic course. Wish I could take it right now but am swamped with school work. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Huguette En says:

    Thanks for sharing. I still remind and nag my 17 year old son.

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