Have You Heard of Roxx?!

Guess Who Will Be Receiving Roxx in Their Stocking This Year?!

A brand new toy has hit the shelves this Fall! Have you heard of them?!

Roll Them, Flip Them, Spin Them, Trade Them!

Roxx are a new collectable toy. They have a huge number of cool designs on them and they are fun to collect and to play with. There are “trick cards” that demonstrate different tricks you can do with the Roxx toys and there are also “additional items” that you can purchase to help you do fun things with your Roxx.

My kids love to slam their Roxx and see where they land. For such a simple toy, it is impressive how long they captivate my kids’ attention!

Check Roxx out in action here:


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3 Responses to Have You Heard of Roxx?!

  1. el03ro says:

    November 3-I had never heard of Roxx before. I must live a very quiet life. No doubt, my daughters know all about these new toys. They always seem to be ‘on the ball’ when new items are mentioned. Children like to have toys that they can compete in games with other children and maybe this is one of the attractions of Roxx. Thank you for bringing this toy to our attention. Elva Roberts

  2. Huguette En says:

    Perfect stocking stuffer! Love hearing about new products, thanks for sharing!

  3. Guppy says:

    Strange with a 9 year old boy I havent heard of this toy, lol!Thanks for the info – may come in handy with Christmas shopping this year.

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