#AppReview i Learn with Boing: Ocean Adventures by Tribal Nova @ilearnwith

Does your child love to play on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? I’ve got a new app for you to try out with them! It’s called i Learn with Boing: Ocean Adventures. This app allows pre-school children to learn and practice key language skills such as vocabulary, listening comprehension and sentence formation while playing with super cute underwater animals!

Because language development is such an important part of early childhood education, I love the fact that children can now have so much fun learning language skills through technology! This app is purely educational with a whole bunch of fun that goes along with it.

In the app, children can choose from one of three activities/games: a hidden picture vocabulary game, a sentence formation activity, and an identify the position words game.

In Game 1:The Octopus!, a vocabulary game, children are asked to listen and locate four hidden objects. Objects are hidden behind and beneath items in an underwater setting. Children must tap on various items to find the objects hidden in bubbles to fill the four question marks that the octopus is holding. I like how the items are hidden on two screens, allowing the child to practice the side to side sweeping motion on the device (there are also arrows to tap if sweeping is too difficult). This is a fun “hide and seek” game for kids to learn vocabulary words. It would be awesome in a future app to be able to see the words as the child finds them or to announce “doll starts with d” when they find an object. This would allow for further educational learning about letters and letter sounds.

In Game 2: The Clown Fishes!, a listening comprehension game, children learn about spatial sense and directions from 2 to 5 multi-steps. This game also has three progressively harder levels which is nice as it will last the child a bit longer because they feel a nice challenge. Positions may include: on, in, behind, next to, or in front of. Level two adds a color dimension where players need to find the position of objects that are a specific colour and level three adds size.

In Game 3: The Crabs!, the sentence formation game a child can select to play solo or with a partner. I like how this game gets progressively harder. The sentences that can be created are fun and silly. It is nice that the sentence is read out loud and with visual words that are highlighted. This allows children to use their listening skills and learn left to right progression. This game corrects a child if they create a sentence that isn’t properly formed. The characters and sound effects are super sweet in this game.

Key Points:

  • Cross curricular game based learning program in math, science, literacy, language and more
  • Self adjusting levels of difficulty
  • Unique progress tracker for parents
  • Detailed success stats for your child that can be compared with children the same age
  • Recommended learning path personalized for your child
  • 27 fun rewards and medals to motivate your child to learn
  • Designed with educational and child development experts

The Progress Tracking feature is a nice one for parents. Each time the app is launched, parents can check to see how much of each game has been played (through the 1-3 levels).

i Learn with Boing: Ocean Adventures is free to download with the first game included while the full version with two other games is unlocked for a limited time launch offer price of $0.99. Parents and children can play with the vocabulary building hide and seek game and access all features such as tracking, playing with rewards, etc as much as they want. If you like the app, you can purchase the full version. I love this option!


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