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A few of us have decided to share our Healthy Adventures with you in a weekly post called “Let’s Get Healthy Together”. Please join us in reading about our adventures and sharing yours OR by providing us some encouragement in the comments! We need it!

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Well, although we should be focussing on our health all of the time, no matter what the circumstances, I have to admit that it has been VERY challenging for me to have the proper mind set these past two weeks as I’ve been tied up with some personal things. When you’re stressed, worried and tired, it is challenging to take care of yourself, even though during those circumstances, you should take extra care of yourself.

I have been tempted many times during the past two weeks to just let it all go and not worry about my weight, about healthy eating or about exercise. However, my friend over at the Knit Wit by Shair reminded me how hard I’ve been working and that I shouldn’t give in to my temptations.

I also read my friend’s post about how important sleep is and this is something I’ve been lacking too.

So no more! Starting right now, I am going to remind myself each and every day (multpile times per day) that I deserve to be healthy. I am going to remind myself of those positive messages that do wonders for so many of us! This will help me to feel better about myself and will hopefully guide me to become more focussed on my health.

So, will I enjoy a slice of apple pie that my amazing neighbour brought over? Yes I will! But, will I enjoy half of the pie like I used to? NO WAY! I am going to remind myself through positive self talk that it is ok to have a treat, but it is not worth it to let go of all the hard work I have been doing over half of a pie! It’s all about the long term goal of my health and my happiness.

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5 Responses to Let’s Get Healthy Together ~ Positive Self Talk

  1. Denise G says:

    Excellent post. You are so right when we are stressed it is so easy to throw everything to wind, when in fact this is when we should take more care of ourselves. Easier said then done – because I tend to do the same. But I am getting better at it. Absolutely have the piece of pie. This is a life change and saying no more apple pie is outrageous! So enjoy every morsel. Everything in moderation! WTG! You can do it!!

  2. It is tough when things are stressful – but making those choices like you have certainly helps to keep you on track. And the plus side? – you’ve shown yourself that you CAN do it. And a slip is just a slip if you have one when your stressed. By keeping your messages positive you keep it from being a landslide – awesome job!

  3. Ms. Key says:

    I’m glad you’re reminding yourself to be positive, and take care of YOU! Times get tough, and it’s not always easy, but this is a good reminder and I hope you’ll be able to keep it up. If you need a personal cheerleader, call me any time and I’ll positive-talk towards you until you just can’t take it anymore! HAHA! 😉

  4. el03ro says:

    September 26- I agree with you that it is very difficult to keep on track when you are stressed out over things about which you have little or no control. I think these positive messages to yourself are a wonderful habit. Instead of thinking one needs a ‘treat’ because life is stressful right now, one should think that one deserves to be healthy so we may be able to handle stress in a better way. You have a wise friend. el03ro

  5. Victoria S says:

    I’m so inspired by this post. It’s nice to read an honest account of how difficult it is to stay on track sometimes, and how important it is to recognize and accept that sometimes the track just… twists and turns. Although it might seem like you’ve fallen off track, as long as you keep on moving forward, it may very well be the case that you are still on a track, albeit, going through the rocky patch.

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