Back To School with Reebok ZigLite Comfort! {REV!EW}

We had quite the challenge this year with regards to footwear and my daughter who was entering grade two. Last year, she had started to learn how to tie her shoes and had decided that although she found it challenging, she had to wear lace up shoes to school this year.

When a pair of Reebok ZigLite shoes showed up at the door, this gave her just the right amount of motivation to learn real fast how to tie her shoes up so that she could wear these as her indoor pair of shoes this year. She was SO excited with how fun and funky these shoes looked and when she put them on she said they were her magic shoes because out of all the shoes that she tried on (and she tried on many), these fit her perfectly and were so comfortable!

About ZigLite Shoes:

  • lightweight sole
  • protection of a traditional athletic shoe
  • designed with the foot’s natural flexibility
  • independent “nodes” strategically positioned to flex with the movements of the foot
  • allow for natural movement and flexibility
  • provides both vertical and horizontal support

After going shoe shopping a few days in a row and trying on what seemed like was every option known to man kind, I have to say with confidence that these shoes are definitely the most eye catching ones we have seen!

The report back after the first week of school was that both children said these were the most comfortable shoes they have ever worn and I believe them! With their light weight design and all of the details put into the shoe with regards to flexibility and comfort, I can only imagine how comfortable these shoes are. I just might have to buy a pair for myself!

Reebok ZigTech kids and ZigLite kids’ footwear collections are available for kids at Sport Chek, Foot Locker, Sports Experts and Reebok stores across Canada.

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6 Responses to Back To School with Reebok ZigLite Comfort! {REV!EW}

  1. Shari G says:

    Awesome looking shoes!!

  2. el03ro says:

    September 13-These shoes are very attractive, comfortable and the children love them. This is definitely a win, win situation. I think they would look goood on us as well!-el03ro

  3. ksceviour says:

    I was wishing this was a son wants a pair of zigzags so bad!! 🙂

  4. Ms. Key says:

    Those are such cool-looking shoes! I remember shoe shopping being so challenging when I was a kid, I always had trouble finding running shoes for indoor shoes, sigh! These are great, and I’m glad they are working out well for your kiddos!

  5. kolagirl says:

    I always thought the sole of these shoes were kinds outer space for me. But now that you’ve explained that the individual nodes actually are there for a reason, (flexibility and support), I like that. I am in the market for new shoes, maybe i’ll give em a try! Thanks. 🙂


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