Fun with @HexBug Toys {REVIEW}

This summer, my husband bought our kids each a Hexbug Nano. They received them while we were up at the cottage. These Hexbugs provided the children with hours of entertainment. As soon as the Hexbugs were turned on, you could hear giggles that I’m sure went across the lake! Admittedly, the kids weren’t the only ones screaming and giggling, all of the adults got in on the fun too!

My husband knows me well so when he heard the excitement in my voice when I was explaining to him how much fun these toys were, he got a bright idea! He bought me one for our Anniversary which was the day after returned from the cottage. In fact, he not only bought me one, but he also bought one for himself.

Side Note: My husband isn’t crazy – he also bought me some gorgeous earrings too!

Our family had so much fun using our wooden blocks, building paths for our bugs and watching them scatter all over the kitchen floor!

That week, I contacted the wonderful people at Hexbug to talk to them about how much we LOVED their toys and that we would love to help them promote their amazing little creatures!

We were sent a HexBug Nano HIVE Habitat Set and a HexBug Nano Zip Line Starter Set to test out.

First of all, you HAVE to check out the Hexbug Nanos in action:

HexBug Nano HIVE Habitat Set
The HIVE Habitat Set features working doors, a built in ramp for multi-level fun and construction pieces. It folds open and becomes a convenient all in one storage and carrying case, which I love because it is easily put away. It easily folds open and it comes with one HexBug. This set comes with so many construction pieces that even if you lost a few you could still have a lot of fun creating paths for your creatures to crawl around. It is easily folded and unfolded by our 3.5 year old. He enjoys making new paths for the bugs to explore, even if he needs a bit of help from an adult.

HexBug Nano Zip Line Starter Set
The Zip Line Starter Set comes with a zipline that extends 18 inches, 1 hexbug and 4 zip clips that are easily attached and removed from any Hexbug Nano.

This set is an amazing concept and it adds so much extra fun to using our Hexbugs. It did require adult set up which took a while to figure out exactly how to make the ramp the correct height so that the bugs could climb it, but once we figured it out, it has definitely been a lot of fun. We attached the Zip Line Set to our Habitat Set through one of the mini doors that you can open. This made our Hexbug Set that much bigger and fun!

Hexbugs are fun, inexpensive creatures that have provided fun for our entire family (and friends). The bugs take watch sized batteries. We have had to replace my son’s batteries a few times since we got it, but that *might* be because he sometimes forgets to turn it off when he isn’t playing with it.

Hexbugs work on hard, smooth surfaces only. This is convenient because they get stopped by carpet which has meant that in our house, they can’t get too far.

Hexbugs would make a wonderful birthday gift for a child! They come in a variety of colours and types.

About Hexbugs:
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4 Responses to Fun with @HexBug Toys {REVIEW}

  1. Shari G says:

    These seem very very cool!! I bet my 4 guys, and 2 furguys would love them!

  2. el03ro says:

    August 27-These Hexbugs sound like lthe ideal gift for children from three years and up. There seems to be lots of actions and constructive ways to use and play with them. Thank you for introducing them to us. -el03ro

  3. I love Hexbugs! They’re so fun to play with!

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