@UNICEFLive and Hallmark Join Together

Multi-Testing Mommy is excited to announce that Canadians can now help to support children in need by simply purchasing a UNICEF every day greeting card for every occasion, any day, in Hallmark stores across the country.

We’ve seen a sample selection of these beautiful cards and they truly are special!

“Every day 21,000 children under the age of 5 die, and most of these deaths are easily preventable,” says UNICEF Canada’s President and CEO David Morley. “Purchasing a greeting card is a simple way to give, but it will help the hardest to reach children survive.”

A portion of every UNICEF greeting card will support the organization’s work ensuring child survival wherever children’s lives are at risk.
The back of each card describes its impact. An anniversary card can help UNICEF provide Vitamin A doses to boost children’s immune systems and preserve their sight. While a birthday card can help provide measles vaccines or oral rehydration salts to treat diarrhea, one of the leading killers of children under 5 years old.

With more than 116 unique designs Hallmark’s new UNICEF collection has something for everyone celebrating life’s special moments while giving a child a better chance to survive and thrive. The collection features beautifully crafted cards to celebrate all occasions including birthdays, weddings, the birth of a new baby or to send a special message like good luck, get well or bon voyage.

“At Hallmark we believe all children have the right to health, education and protection. Through the launch of the new UNICEF every day card program together we can ensure a better future for hard to reach children around the world,” says Chris Kelly, Vice President Consumer Solutions & Brand Experience, Hallmark Canada. “We are pleased that Hallmark’s partnership with UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s rights and humanitarian organization, is expanding and we hope Canadians will help us support this incredible organization’s work.”

UNICEF and Hallmark Canada embarked on a partnership this past holiday season to support the long standing tradition of the UNICEF Holiday cards and gifts program. By partnering with Hallmark, UNICEF has tripled its retail reach in Canadian communities while increasing the amount of funds raised for children around the world.

UNICEF every day cards are now available in Hallmark stores across Canada as well as in other fine retailers where the Hallmark brand is sold.

Feel free to find UNICEF on Facebook.

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  1. Jodi Shaw says:

    I remember as a kid every halloween we used to get the unicef boxes to collect money and hand back to the school. I think this is great this pairing to help such a worthy cause.

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